A CH32V003 Toolchain — If You Can Get One To Try It On

We’re in an exciting time for cheap microcontrollers, as with both the rise of RISC-V and the split between ARM and its Chinese subsidiary, a heap of super-cheap and very capable parts are coming to market. Sometimes these cheap chips come with the catch of being difficult to program though, but for one of them the ever-dependable [CNLohr] has brought together his own open-source toolchain. The part in question is the WCH CH32V003, which is a ten-cent RISC-V part that has an impressive array of capabilities. As always though, there’s a snag, in that we’re also told that while supplies are improving this part can be hard to find. The repository is ready for when you can get them again though, and currently also contains some demo work including addressable LED driver code.

As an alternative there’s a comparable and slightly cheaper ARM-based part, the Puya PY32. It’s reckoned to be the cheapest of the flash-based microcontrollers, and like the WCH part is bearing down on the crop of one-time-programmable chips such as the famous and considerably less powerful 3-cent Padauk. This end of the market is certainly heating up a little, and from our point of view this can only mean some exciting projects ahead.