convert dvds to play on other things…

convert me

i get a lot of emails asking how to convert dvds that one owns to a format that can play on other things one owns, like pdas, portable video players, etc

mini-itx bmw pc project

bmw pc

here’s another car hack project which has helped me figuring some stuff as far software and hardware goes, pretty slick stuff and doesn’t cost as much as many of the after-market systems out there. and on a side note, this is way way cooler (and better) than the “ipod your bmw” things apple is pimping.

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boost bluetooth… a lot

boost bluetooth

i’m working on a project where i need to boost bluetooth over 500 feet or so (bluetooth helicopter)–here’s how to do it, with lots of great photos. popular science has it here…and click the read link below for the bluedriving site with the usb and pcmcia hack.

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putting xp in your car


besides the usual jokes associated with adding xp to car you’d expect there’s actually quite a bit of cool stuff you can add to a car, here’s a vid of xp, wifi, gps, podcasts and more all in some dude’s car who works for microsoft. on the microsoft campus they have started a “carpc club” i might check it out, i’ll roll in with xp, sure, on virtual pc on my mac all pimped out.

do ya’ll want to see some car hack projects up here?

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add location data to photos (latitude and longitude)


awhile back i wrote how to take gps data and use that to make satellite maps. well, at least once a week i get an email or instant message asking if there is a way to get gps data in to photos, or out. it seems a lot of people are really interested in this. which is great, imagine being able to search the web for locations and seeing the photos or sorting your photos by where they were taken automatically. here’s an app that helps that along–gpsphotolinker can be used to save gps position data to a photo. the latitude and longitude recorded by your gps unit while you were taking photos can be linked, and saved, to the photos.

it’s for mac only for now, if there’s a pc version that does the same thing i’ll post it up. this is a great tool for all sorts of camera / gps hack projects, we’ll have some of those up soon here too.

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dvd player hack list…


some dvd players actually do allow you the owner to play dvds from multiple regions, what’s a region? well, that means the dvd is from another country. it seems silly to have to pay for a whole new dvd if you already own it, but luckily this site has most of the players and what codes to enter to unlock the player, as and added bonus, for some players you can turn off macrovision and then record your dvds to portable video players, vcrs, tv cards, etc

opening up an apple pro mouse

apple pro mouse

i’m planning to add some leds to some mice soon and was looking around for a guide to cracking open an apple pro mouse, and here it is. the upcoming project will add lights to just about any mouse, not that it’s needed, but hey, why not.

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