Motherboard walls

[Chris Harrison] and a friend created these motherboard walls for Carnegie Mellon professor [Scott Hudson]. According to [Harrison], he amassed over 150 pounds of motherboards, most of them off of eBay, to create this surreal project. Nearly every inch of the lab is covered with motherboards, of different lengths and varying shades of green, silver, and black. We think it’s pretty festive.

[via Neatorama]


  1. wiccan2 says:

    This is realy cool, would consider creating something like this for my self. Though i would do one thing diferently, i would have to make them run, as a cluster maybe that would be realy cool.

  2. Ehh. Not really a hack but an interesting use of old tech. I, however, reeeeaaaalllly want to make one of those.

  3. Tyberius says:

    you gotta have the motherboards running though

  4. I clicked on this article JUST to see how many people said “This is not a hack”, as if it just slipped by somehow… next we’ll work on identifying simple shapes and primary colors.

  5. I can’t imagine the amount of dust that will collect on that crap…

  6. srilyk says:

    while this hack may not be of the electrical variety, it is indeed a hack. They took parts destined for a landfill and turned them into something functional (sort of) and attractive.

    And at $1.35/lb including shipping, this project is cheaper than gas ;)

  7. CMOS4081 says:

    Looks like my bedroom when I was a teen

  8. Jerome Demers says:

    look at the new dust trap!

    the new permanent swiffer

  9. Aud1073cH says:

    I’ve wanted to do something like this, but alas wherever I’ve lived I’ve not been allowed, by parents, school, roomates, etc.

    I’ve got an alternate idea floating around between my ears though. I’ll let ya’ll know if it happens.

  10. Aquify says:

    Yay for outgassing.

  11. Rawrl says:

    Goddammit, what a waste. I could actually use those.

  12. dax says:

    >>8. look at the new dust trap!

    Since it’s a lab, they’ll almost certainly have a decent HVAC system that filters out stuff like dust.

  13. Very Cool.

  14. thoultycosy says:

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