Arduino Gameboy killer

For roughly $250, you too can have this sweet bit of gadgetry based off of the Arduino platform. It is open source, and has some pretty impressive specs. Sporting a rumble pack, lithium ion battery, OLED display, and space for expanson. You can buy the pieces pre assembled, or as a kit. If you get the kit, you’ll see that the controller board has been laid out so that you can solder your buttons and joystick in as either left handed or right handed. The only problem? No games yet.


  1. Alex ~ says:

    Very impressive.

    i was meaning to look into driving an lcd (read: 3300) screen with an arduino, guess it could be done quite easily if it can run an OLED in colour.

  2. michael says:

    how fast is it? the screen looked rather sluggish, but its hard to tell… pretty cool though..

  3. dirk says:

    That’s a small screen.

  4. smilr says:

    I see no mention of a rumble pack… ?

  5. rasz says:

    looked like 2-4 frames per second

  6. Edward Nardella says:

    I think the low frame rate was a sampling rate issue, if it were gfx issue then it would have dropped severely when he added the trail.

  7. sarsface says:

    Gameboy killer? Hah. With the NDS’ ability for homebrew and serial interface this project has a lot ahead of it.

  8. PKM says:

    @smilr: very true- I followed the link to their site via the gizmodo writeup and I see no mention of rumblepacks. I’m sure you could add one, but that’s not the point.

    A slightly under-publicised feature of the screen board is that it is touch-responsive so can use pen input, and appears to have hardware sprite support- check out some of the videos at using sprites rather than blitting all the graphics would free up the processor for more game computation so I’m sure we could see some gameboy-level games- think super mario clones?

  9. fartface says:

    Have one sitting collecting dust that kicks this things butt hard in power and programmability. Cool homebrew, but there are better platforms for homebrew gaming that have a Dev kit that is pretty killer.

    Buy it for less than the parts for the above homebrew.

  10. kyle says:

    Personally I feel this is pretty useless, why not just write homebrew for the 2 decade old game boy. and $250?! thats preposterous!

  11. Johnny says:

    I can’t see a single thing about this other than the extremely questionable benefit of it being open source that isn’t horribly inferior to an NDS or PSP… I’d rather have to work at hacking something good than have full access to something expensive and useless.

  12. sparr says:

    Sorry, I’ll wait another couple of months for my Pandora instead.

  13. At the 1:30 mark or when he presses the button it looks like a puff of smoke comes outta the top.

  14. jcazor says:

    It’s very interesting, but in my opinion only for academic purposes, for playing… Pandora arrives.
    You have done it, you have learned a lot, but know take your openpandora and start playing.

  15. Carl says:

    Seeing some additional modular pcbs come to the arduino is a great thing… But you’ve been able to purchase almost identical items from sparkfun for some time for less, they’ve just added a gameboy like controller module.

  16. hackman says:

    morehpperliter, i was waiting for a puff of smoke to come out of it the whole way through. lol. this thing is so huge, exposed, and haphazard…

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