Flying cars a reality

[Stillboy] alerted us to a flying car that runs on biofuel. Flying cars have been the mainstays of science fiction and technological wish lists for years, but they elude production, as expenses, fuel, and gravity get in the way. [Gilo Cardozo], a paramotor manufacturer, managed to overcome those hurdles by thinking simply. He attached a paramotor to his car, which is powered by a Yamaha superbike engine and a gearbox from a snowmobile. His modified Rage Motorsport buggy is street legal in the United Kingdom, and in the air, can get up to 80 miles per hour. It will be fully tested in January, when he and his chief pilot and expedition organizer [Neil Laughton] drive and fly the car to Timbuktu.

Other flying cars are also in the works. DARPA recently announced their Personal Air Vehicle Technology project that will hopefully lead to a military-suitable flying car that can get up to 60 miles per hour on the ground and 150 miles per hour in the air. Moller International claims that a flying Ferrari is in the works, and could be available for purchase within two years. Are jet packs next?

21 thoughts on “Flying cars a reality

  1. anyone dig up aquiring one of these vehicles (or something extremely similar in the United States?

    the website only lists UK and AUS

  2. I’ve seen that type of vehicle in Georgia, USA about 10 years ago, except that I think it was more like a small go-cart. There were two flying around above a pasture. My friend and I were just amazed. Looked like lots of fun.

  3. In Indiana we have a company that owns 3 of these (they look more like a go-kart) and for a fee you can go for a ride in one. I see them floating around all the time.

  4. I’ll believe the flying Ferrari when I see it, since Moller is just across the freeway from me.

    From Wikipedia:
    “In 2003, the securities and exchange commission sued moller for civil fraud … in connection with the sale of unregistered stock, for making unsubstantiated claims about the performance of the skycar.”

  5. so trying to beat that 2015 mark from back to the future with flying cars and were we will have self lacing nikes and blow drying clothes?

  6. I don’t think “production, as expenses, fuel, and gravity get in the way” is quite the issue.

    Most people have a hard enough time driving in 2D…can you imagine the chaos with soccer moms flying around in 3D!? :eek:

  7. I wonder — what would it take to legally pilot one of these in the US? I mean, would it count as an ultralight (lax regulation, IIRC) or more like a Cessna, or what? I mean, I’d totally spend a few grand on making a project out of this if I could actually take it to work and back every day.

  8. Honestly I love the idea of a flying car, hate it instantly afterward when I think how stupid most American drivers are. Solid ground is one thing, but can you imagine the carnage of a car flying outta nowhere into your freaking house?

  9. this is cool, but its not really anything new or advanced. its just a dressed up trike! if you want to fly, save yourself $20,000 and get a paraglider.

  10. Considering most people cant drive properly in 2D, how do you imagine they would handle a 3D environment?
    The Moller company is hilarious. The flying Ferrari is really the topping on the cake. OMG. What a fool. His claims just get bolder and bolder.
    They’ve been trying for 40+ years and haven’t event been able to make a single stable product.
    Who are those idiots that put money into this? Absolutely fascinating.

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