Pandora dev unit unboxed


[skeezix] has got his hands on one of the first Pandora dev kits to make it out the door and took a few photos. This is 1 of the 20 MK2 devboards that were produced. Although, not final it certainly is close to the version they’ll be shipping. Pandora is a Linux based portable game console. The main chip in the clamshell device is a TI OMAP3530. It has OpenGL hardware acceleration and an 800×480 touchscreen. A QWERTY keyboard is included along with analog and digital game controls. WiFi, bluetooth, USB host, TV-out, and dual SDHC card slots round out the package. The team has already presold 4000 devices.


  1. WutanG says:

    This thing has really got my interest!Price is a little bit on the high side to me(330$)but then i remember this thing is a beast hardware wise(touch screen,great resolution,ports,and wifi/bluetooth.

    I would like more info though on what devs are working on to recompile to this platform.That’s what will be the deciding point for me in the future when they go into full production.

    Any idea what the pink and black plugs are used for?

  2. PvP says:

    I agree that is a beast of a machine. Can’t wait for it when I get more money too! :)

  3. Nobody says:

    Dang it what I want to know is when do I get mine?

  4. eduke says:

    They are working on many things ^^ Many emulators are already ported (Playstation, Amiga, Snes, Megadrive etc.)

    Remember, its an open device so you can just develop you own applications after you bought the device.

  5. MrTroy says:

    I can’t wait for the firmware to come out for this to allow you to play bootlegs.

    Any word on when a second batch is going to be made?

  6. dentrado says:

    What do you mean? It’s open source, and runs linux. they already have git up so you can download the kernel (still being worked on) now if you want. It’s more like a mini computer than a classical console.

  7. aka-44 says:

    the gpu is propriety.. opengl acceleration is closed source.

    cut it out with the garbage pseudo-hacks people.

  8. DiThi says:

    Nothing stops you from making an open source implementation of the SGX 530 driver. there’s already someone trying to reverse-engineer it.

  9. the name pandora for an electronic device is already taken by pandora radio. ( I think they should have a tage added to the name to differentiate it more.

  10. Maj says:

    I wonder if you can install Windows on it.

  11. dentrado says:

    @maj, you could probably install windows CE, but not XP or anything like that, because it has an ARM processor, not a X86 processor like ordinary PCs.

  12. bendermaster says:

    I have flash cards for all of my handheld devices, no way I’m paying full price for my games…

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