14 thoughts on “Daft Punk Helmet Timelapse

  1. Im working on one too! although mine is made very differently. its papercraft with multiple coats of fiberglass resin. it still needs a few more coats so its actually rounded. then im maybe going to have it chromed. then i gotta put some leds in and see how it comes out. i also want to add an audio spectrum analyzer display to it… i always make my projects soo complicated…

  2. if he made sure no light got back into the helmet he could string some fireoptic cables between the leds, so they are unaffected by the led light but still allowing (some) outside light.

  3. Awesome job on all the leds. Cool video too, too bad we never get to see the end result.

    He should have assembled the LED’s on acrylic instead of cardboard, then there would have been at least some through vision.

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