Nintendo DS OSC support


OpenSound Control protocol is an emerging standard for communication between musical programs. It’s meant to replace MIDI. The DSMI, DS Music Interface, team has just added support for OSC. You can now use your DS as generic OSC music controller over WiFi. OSC has TCP/IP support built in, so there is no need to run a host sever to talk to DSMI like you did when they only supported MIDI. We’ve seen OSC used in other projects like the monome. It’s also the basis for the multitouch communication protocol TUIO.

[via CDM]


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  2. kyle says:

    This is all fine and dandy but last I checked DSerials aren’t being made

  3. pski says:

    lol @ first post.

  4. Laurenceb says:

    You can pick up a Dserial from here:

  5. Anonymous says:

    The new Nintendo DSi will include an SD card reader.

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  8. Quin says:

    I didn’t think the DSerials were being made anymore, but they appear to be back. DSerial Edge and DS Brut are both out there, providing more I/O pins.

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    this is hackaday. not some personal blog site!

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  18. Free Ds Roms says:

    This is going to be absoloutly brilliant! I thought the korg ds10 was as far as they would push things but this is just completly and utterly awesome!

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  20. Great news, I’d like to be able to control filters on vsts with the touch pad!

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