Weather monitoring


This weather monitor can track pressure, temperature, and humidity and last several months on a pack of AA batteries. It has a PIC18f452 to control all the bits, as well as some fancy power management to get the most out of the batteries as possible. The screen displays the highest and lowest temperatures of the last 42 hours as well as having options to display all other sensor input, updated every minute or so. You can get the full schematic and parts list on the project site.

[via YourITronics]


  1. grovenstien says:

    Umm Solar panels perhaps? Saves changing the batteries ever?!

  2. False says:

    Original site of project:

    They’ve got some other interesting projects as well.

  3. strider_mt2k says:

    Oh man I’d love one of these in a compact weatherproof package that would transmit back via radio.

    (Not the oregon Scientific ones, either -something _good_)

  4. rviso says:

    Ummm.. can’t you just but this at radio shack for like $9?

  5. matt says:

    it would be awesome to weatherproof it and have it transmit all the data to a usb or serial port, then make a desktop app to have it display the data. i know there are already programs that do this by getting the information online but this way you can be sure it’s in realtime and all.

    @rviso: i think you’re on the wrong site for that kind of talk…

  6. clint says:

    Great example of Nokia 3310 LCD code & useage. Not the exact sensors I would’ve chosen for the project, but it still looks great!

    I like the idea of solar for the transmitter. Anyone know of any good micro-solar-charger circuits?

    @rviso: You can buy this at Radio Shack for $9? Please back that up with a link (or get back under the bridge with the rest of the trolls!)

  7. RoboGuy says:

    Looks nice. Those screens are dang useful – I have one that I’m using for UI with my AT90USBKEY.

  8. el_remora says:

    The original site of this proyect is

  9. dildo baggins says:

    High and low temps of the last “42 hours”? That must be a transposition of 24 hours, yes?

  10. dildo baggins says:

    Well it’s 42 hours in multiple places in the original article, so I guess that’s accurate. Strange that they didn’t either extend it to two full days or just cut it back to a single day.

  11. ellisgl says:

    Does it twitter thou?

  12. Sparr says:

    This is EXACTLY the kind of device that zigbee is designed for. Small, low power, sensor data to relay back to -somewhere-.

  13. Koskun says:

    The creator of it is already working on making it solar powered.

  14. Wwhat says:

    In this case I’m with rviso and would just buy it at a store and if I wanted to hack I’d add a computer interface, simply because it’s much cheaper and widely available and making it yourself doesn’t add anything as far as I can tell.

  15. Bah says:

    And its not hooked up to some kind of twittering device WHY? -_-

  16. Wwhat says:

    Because if it twittered then there would be no need to store the data for many hours.
    Seems it’s meant to be left somewhere where there’s no power and then later to retrieve the data.

  17. SpiralBrain says:

    yes as most of the people say this is Michel Bavin’s design and he deserves the credit for this .

  18. cotarelo says:

    I am going to write my master thesis in weather monitoring, I am planning to create a website where you can nicely see the information of wireless sensor nodes. If someone have ideas contact me.

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