Keykeriki: wireless keyboard sniffer is releasing Keykeriki, a wireless keyboard sniffer. The project is both open source hardware and software. you can download the files on their site. Right now you can’t get a pre made board, but they plan on releasing one soon. The system can be upgraded with “backpacks” or add on modules. One of these is going to be an LCD that displays the keystrokes of the keyboard you are sniffing. Another is supposed to serve as an interface to your iPhone.  Right now it has the ability to decode Microsoft wireless keyboards, but the Logitech pieces should be added soon.


  1. Nick says:


  2. kyle007 says:

    really? why do they put rave music on this stuff.

  3. TJHooker says:

    What about other vendors?

  4. TJHooker says:

    @kyle007: I know right…why put any music on it..?

  5. max moser says:

    Other vendors decoding follow as soon we built the decoding into the firmware. the hardware can handle All common 27mhz frequencies used according to fcc search. i will put together a guide how to get samples from currently unsupported keyboards when i got the time. or simply help us :) greetings.. max. 2.4ghz will be a different receiver but might be nlin the work :)

  6. yosh says:

    Hmm, which track are they playing?

  7. MAx Moser says:

    This one its also stated in the video notes.

  8. douro20 says:

    The name is a homophone of the Spanish “quiquiriquí”.

  9. 36chambers says:

    Is there any protection from this type of attack?
    Or should people be using on screen keyboards to type their passwords/cc infomration?

  10. 36chambers says:

    Keep all your sensitive info in a single document, and then copy/paste the info instead of keying it?

  11. MAx Moser says:

    Ha fun… lets see how you crtl+alt+delete copy paste it :-)

  12. ReKlipz says:

    Did anyone else notice that the Z key was where they Y key ought to have been (at least according to a QWERTY layout, which the keyboard appears to be)?

  13. Frank says:

    “Did anyone else notice that the Z key was where they Y key ought to have been”

    It’s a German keyboard layout.

  14. Dan says:

    This just goes to show that when you buy a product that claims to use encryption it’s just a load of BS.

  15. mike says:


    what happened to good old fashioned wired keyboards?

    or is it to far into the future to be bothered by something attached to a cable?

  16. trav says:

    what’s the song in the video? i like it, but i don’t know if it’s fitting necessarily.

  17. trav says:

    nevermind…just followed that link above.

  18. TJHooker says:

    Glad to say I’ve never owned wireless mouse/keyboard/headphones…

  19. Jingo says:

    when I use public computers to check my email I’ll click out of the password field and type nonsense in the middle of entering my password.

  20. James Bong says:

    Are there any ways to protect yourself from being attacked by this? …

  21. oliver says:

    But someone might be doing this so unless the LCD was secure your data wouldn’t be secure.

  22. max says:

    now i know why i bought that WIRED keyboard this weekend!

  23. Max Moser says:

    hey guy, just for your information, we released the software yesterday as well.

  24. ganz says:

    hey gayz, don´t be scared. the range of the keyboard is really short so if someone wants to sniff you has to get in your home ;)

  25. Dimitris says:

    I hope someone can make one for me on a good price :)

    If yes please contact me : hostyourdream(at)

    Thank you

  26. de paus says:

    Is their somebody that can make one for me?


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