80 gig drive inside a Game Boy


[_n3o_] put together a nice external storage mod by fitting a 2.5″ drive into a broken Game Boy. This mod fooled quite a few people because it appears that the device still plays games with the drive stuffed inside of it. Sadly, this is not the case. The reflective backing has been removed from the screen and replaced by a piece of paper with a graphic printed on it. The LED from the hard drive was moved to the battery indicator for the Game Boy for added realism. There is no build log for this project but [_n3o_] did give a short explanation of it in a forum post. You can see two more pictures of the project after the break.gamesss


Update: Take a look inside too!


  1. Ronald says:

    I am sure despite all his hard work on this, some people will gripe that it woul only be cool if the gameboy worked. BUT, I think this is a great example of using something broken to make something you need that is cooler than one you can buy. Try to find a really coll 2.5 hd case that starts conversations. Great JOB.

  2. Bryan says:

    If you wanted the Game Boy to still be usable you could always put a 64GB ($139) or 128GB ($324) thumb drive in it, Though it would cost quit a bit more.

  3. Bryan says:

    On second thought, I think It is usable via USB power.

  4. Diddle says:

    I love it. Retro-cool recycling.

  5. Pilotgeek says:

    No, unfortunately it isn’t usable. He said the screen is simply a printed paper image embedded under the screen. Even though it isn’t usable as a GameBoy, I don’t have a problem with it since the gameboy was broken anyways.

  6. vikki says:

    perfect way to store valuable info, who would even look twice at an old monochrome game system anyway. good camo.

  7. Mitchell Duncan says:

    What if he used “e-ink” technology for his screen. haha

  8. Alvaro says:

    Hey, what about using the innards of a gameboy pocket (or color). Or gameboy micro ^^?

  9. _n3o_ says:

    Lol originally my name is _n3o_, maxconsole make a mistake and type it _n30_ and now i’m _n30_ everywhere :s.

    I’m gonna reoppen de gbHDD to take more pictures, a tutorial isn’t needed because it’s a very easy mod to do. (you just need a 2,5″ hdd case (6$) and a Dremel to cut nearly everything inside :)

    The only hard part was to drill the battery port with the only aim that was to fit the hdd at the bottom of the gb to place the USB plug in replacement of the Link plug.

    (i have some other dead GB (GBp and GBc) just need to think at a nice mod (maybe the old good usb key + emus + gamecontroller, all in the gb?)

  10. Mike Szczys says:

    @_n3o_: Sorry about getting your name wrong… I’ve fixed it in the post. Great project, I love the method you used to make the screen look like a game!

  11. kapman says:

    This is very cool, totally retro.
    This is how I installed a 1.5 TB Seagate hard drive in my PC, bot the same this,but:


  12. Sakshi2982 says:

    Cool Project:) One of the best mods i came across.

  13. kurye says:

    perfect thank you

  14. phongdet says:

    This pretty much no web. I like very important and I like games with a person to know.

  15. I’d be FAR more interested if I could still play Pokèmon ;)

  16. Burr says:

    Hey I dunno if you know this or not but I’m getting the following error form your site: Warning: require_once(../wp-includes/pomo/entry.php) [function.require-once]: failed to open stream

  17. james says:

    some people are so smart at making cool things like these

  18. someguy says:

    this is super cool, and an unintentional example of security through obscurity. Criminals are very likely to steal a portable hard drive since they so often contain unencrypted company and personal data. Criminals are much less likely to steal a 20 year old gameboy. Very very cool.

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