Beauty in Destruction

This is not a hack. In fact it’s a promotional montage for a collection of scientific equipment that few of us could likely afford. But like yesterday’s giant marionettes over Berlin, sometimes even a costly and delicately-orchestrated achievement transcends its own not-a-hack-ness, fulfilling our brains’ lust for wonderment all the same.

Kurzzeit of Germany produces ballistics measurement equipment. The video depicts various combinations of projectiles and targets at up to one million frames per second, revealing unexpected beauty in hitherto unseen phenomena, and is the best damn ten minutes you will waste on the internet all day!


  1. Johnnu Num 5 says:

    That is so awesome!!!!!!!!!

  2. napalm says:

    Epic highspeed FTW!!!!!

  3. Decepticon says:

    I’d like to see the tech behind how they were able to hit a bullet in mid air with another projectile.

  4. Mic says:

    Awesome! Yea how did they shoot a bullet in mid air on camera anyway, must be good timers…

  5. faelenor says:

    Oh no, guns again! /s

  6. sarsface says:

    The ballistic gel and shotgun shots were awesome.

  7. AlmostThere says:

    Good Marksmanship!

    The Lug Wrench at 2:34 is amazing – perfect alignment.

  8. Etan says:

    That really was the best ten minutes I wasted on the Internet today.

  9. Kroc Camen says:

    That would make the perfect music video. Just nothing but slow-mo shots, would keep people hooked to the screen. Best 10 minutes spent today.

  10. Noobius says:

    Pure awesomeness.

  11. Daniel says:

    Now that’s beauty.

  12. grovenstien says:


  13. medix says:

    Best 10 minutes I’ve ever spent on YouTube.

  14. Stromlo says:

    Beats the 10 minutes I wasted waiting for a dust cloud on the Moon on Nasa TV :p

  15. buppie says:

    Coolest thing i’ve seen in a while…wow

  16. M4CGYV3R says:

    That is just astounding. Someone needs to post a version without the perpetual watermark. Hyper-copyright-itis is fatal, you know.

  17. McSquid says:

    “the best damn ten minutes you will waste on the internet all day!”

    So true! That was awesome!

  18. Wow, it actually looks like a stone hitting water.

  19. babble says:

    amazing, shame about watermark though. All in all, enjoyed it.

  20. babble says:

    A cumshot would be quite fun.

  21. mamajamma says:


  22. Jack says:

    Absolutely fascinating!

  23. Kris says:

    @ faelenor: Do you realize you are nearly 100 times more likely to be saved by a firearm than to be killed by one? If you eliminate suicide That moves to almost 200 times. I would have more respect. A firearm may have saved your life already and you never even new it.

  24. will d. says:


    lug wrench? timing? it looks like a couple of sticks of explosive. anyone know what is going on at 2:34?

  25. ino says:

    @will d.
    Looks like some peaces of explosive wire

  26. TNW says:

    Very nice video. Interesting to see how some metals become “fluid” when they hit something, probably because of the heat generated by the impact.

  27. Pouncer says:

    Those hollow points looked really painful in the gel. Of course the grand finale with the grape shot was full of pure awesome!

  28. ino says:

    after some estimations:
    The wires explode in less than 2s of video.
    let’s say 40 frames, that makes 40µs.
    judging by the wire gauge on each ends, I would say 20 cms of explosive.
    that gives 200µs/m or 200ms/km or 5km/s
    it’s roughly the speed of exploding wire.

  29. Charis says:

    That was truly awesome; beautiful! You were right – it was the best 10 minutes I’ve spent on the internet in a long time!

  30. tjhooker says:

    This is very nice. Nice music with excellent visuals.

    I agree a version without the copyright would be nice. I guess they want mass solicitation if it goes viral.

    Also it’s pretty sad some moron even trolled these comments with that gun control crap. Sure firearms need moderation, but so do shitty comments that are out of place and repetitive. We need an asshole with power to ban emails here so we can at least make these idiots make an effort when trolling.

  31. Choscura says:

    To everybody arguing about guns and safety: shut up. Guns kill, the only argument is whether it was deserved or intentional or not.

    To everyone else: Depending on the application (shooting people vs shooting vehicles), the bullets that are destroyed upon impact are the best for shooting people, while the ones that went right through everything are the best for damaging vehicles (particularly engine blocks). the reason is that when a bullet is destroyed, the kinetic energy it had is transferred to the surrounding material. you can see what happens to aluminum, steel, and plate glass here- now imagine what flesh would be like at that speed, all that energy turning it to a small tidal wave.

    Fascinating stuff.

  32. realcomix says:

    oh man that would make a killer screen saver ..

  33. dan says:

    Astonishing. Ballistic beauty.
    If you ever have the chance to hire or use a highspeed camera – DO IT!! It’s worth the money. I rented a 2000fps camera and even that speed reveals some incredible unexpectedness from the everyday… (and to babbl eup there, we even tried a cumshot, im not kidding. drew straws for it.)

  34. aztraph says:

    my God, it’s full of stars.

    this is awsome

  35. draeath says:

    It’s amazing to me how the kinetic energy converts into thermal energy like that. It’s one thing to know about it… it’s another entirely to watch it happen.

  36. faelenor says:


    Look at my post again, don’t you see a “/s”?

  37. Arkenklo says:

    Now, this is what salesmen should play on their full-HD plasma’s, not animals and flowers and shit like that. I can only image how wicked awesome this would look in HD.

    Needs moar resolution.

  38. samurai says:


    LOL its not enough that this cam records a frame every microsecond, but now you want hd?

    haha just kidding, that’d be fooking awesome. i dont think camera technology is quite there yet. (i’d like to be proven wrong!)

  39. Stu says:

    Ladies and Gentlemen, by watching this beautiful and fascinating vid, we have all witnessed something nobody before us in the history of mankind has seen! Its just incredible!
    Think of the implications of watching this footage, we are truly honoured to be living in this incredible age.
    Its comparable to when the victorians managed to photographically record horses galloping, and so properly witnessing that type of leg motion for the first time!
    Different bullets travel anywhere from 1000mph to 3000mph, possibly faster!
    Such a high frame rate, and such little light hitting the sensor that no colour information can realistically be discerned!
    I’m just awe-struck.
    Thank you.

  40. orangesrhyme says:

    “It’s like trying to hit a bullet with a smaller bullet, while riding a horse. Blindfolded.”

  41. blizzarddemon says:

    Kris in most of those cases, to the best of my “know”ledge….it saves your life from another firearm. Removing firearms from both sides save your life at least 1000 times above that.

    Aside from that I do agree that there is a beauty to this video, it just a damn shame people like to use tools like these, for more devious means.

  42. iHME says:

    blizzarddemon. Remove guns and get stabbed. People have done succesfull genocides in africa without firearms, just machetes and spears. And some gasoline. If I ever get in to a situation where I would need a weapon to defend my well beeing, I’d rather have firearm than a knife.

  43. iHME says:

    blizzarddemon. Remove guns and get stabbed. People have done succesfull genocides in africa without firearms, just machetes and spears. And some gasoline. If I ever get in to a situation where I would need a weapon to defend my well beeing, I’d rather have firearm than a knife.

    Also, Beatiful video.

  44. uzerzero says:

    I wouldn’t mind seeing a version of this video with subtitles stating the type of bullet and the type of material. Some of the materials are easy to tell what they are, but others I’m still lost at. And I can recognize some of the bullets, but others are difficult to tell. Just my two cents :)

  45. DrNick says:

    “the best damn ten minutes you will waste on the internet all day!”
    Oh yes!

  46. Iv says:

    I am wondering what is the substance at the end that makes every bullet go splat ? Kevlar ? Something newer ? I thought kevlar, like most metals, at least got deformed when hit by a bullet. This one literally doesn’t get a scratch.

  47. Chris R says:

    Amazing. I never get sick of looking at this stuff. Great video.

  48. SPARKING 1 says:

    I’m SOOO glad that ballistic gel wasn’t my torso.
    It’s no wonder hollow-point projectiles are so lethal. Most of that kinetic energy is used up in
    about 5/1000ths of a second!

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