Arduinome with many pots

[Aggaz] added 16 potentiometers to his Arduinome.The Arduinome is a monome clone based around the Arduino as a microprocessor. We seen some Arduinome builds in the past but [Aggaz's] work augments the physical interface.

Potentiometers used in circuit bending allow for manipulation of the sounds coming out of the circuits. In this case the pots are connected to the microcontroller instead of the sound generation circuitry which means you can do whatever you want with them depending on how creative you are with the code. So far he’s just starting to get the new set of interfaces to play nicely over the serial connection. This could end up being quite popular as it only requires the addition of a multiplexer IC, the potentiometers, and the knobs.


  1. Zerfall says:

    I just started my arduinome build last night. With this I might have to rethink my case design for future upgrade, very cool.

  2. Icarus says:

    No videos? Hope it sounds better than the other ones. Pretty cool design thought, keep it up!

  3. marc says:

    don’t forget to check out the doepfer potentiometer to midi ‘pocket electronic’ they have for sale – might save some time if you need something quick

  4. blue carbuncle says:

    Bliptronic 5000 at
    $50.00 and worth it for parts alone.
    I have been having fun with it since xmas but am cracking it open today and see about some mods.
    It is “affordable to ruin” since the wife has another one on the way hehe.
    Give it a peek. not trying to spam.
    Might help with ideas or be a shortcut.

    I’m already thinking of at least clocking to MIDI since its bpm selection leaves a lil something to be desired. Bends look pretty easy but not super spectacular. But… daughterboards are always a nice thing heh.

  5. Aggaz says:

    There’s no video because I didn’t wrote the final application jet. I’m planning to use it for visuals, stay tuned!

  6. chinaangry says:

    Did that image trip anyone else out as you were scrolling down?

  7. Inventorjack says:

    @chinaangry – Didn’t notice until you pointed it out, but yeah, that’s kinda cool.

  8. Oh noes says:


    Capacitor in series with chip power supply, wont work. Chip is probably powered via it’s ESD protection diodes from an input being high. The cap should go OVER the power supply pins, eg from VCC to GND

  9. Aggaz says:

    @Oh noes
    Thank you for this correction, I will test it.

  10. sawo says:

    Two or three Unsped Shield PCBs with most Components still available. Just drop a mail.

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