Hackaday links: Sunday January 24

Everyone Remembers Free day right? [The Ideanator's] Bus Pirate came in such a nice red box – he decided to make it his permanent case.

[Chico] is in the middle of making a CNC, but decided to make some music with the steppers in the mean time.

What looks like an old wooden box is actually [Ludvig's] super sweet retro arcade cabinet. Complete with a giant emergency stop red button.

Who says Legos are dead? [Carl] used them to create a simple and cheap diffraction grating projector. Including video!

[Torchris] used an Ethernet shield exactly as it was designed, sending data over Ethernet. Still a nice hack for those needing help working with Ethernet shields and Arduino.

Finally [Robert] let us know about a friends Arduino Binary Clock. But we think his elegant use of tape and a sand blaster to engrave glass is cooler.


  1. Going Digital says:

    Its Lego, not Legos you numpty.

  2. The Ideanator says:

    Yay! I’m featured!

  3. xrazorwirex says:

    I’m pretty sure that it’s universally recognized that the plural form of ‘Lego Bricks’ can be Legos, regardless of the fact that Lego is referring to the company and the pieces are technically Lego Bricks.

    Don’t be a retarded semantics nazi unless it’s really important.

  4. Haku says:

    That diffraction grating projector must look amazing in a fog filled room or outside in a slightly foggy night.
    I’ve got a pair of glasses that came with a ‘trippy’ VHS some years ago which do the same kind of effect when you look through them, I’ll have to see if it’s possible to make a diffraction grating projector from them.

    And I’m with GD; Lego, not Legos.

  5. Going Digital says:

    Urrm no, only Americans get it wrong, read it from the horses mouth http://www.lego.com/eng/info/fairplay.asp

  6. Jake H says:

    Why would anyone say Lego was dead? There are Lego-related posts here and on the Make: blog at least every week, for starters. How is it even vaguely debatable?

  7. stan says:

    that’s it rub it in you got parts and the rest of us go screwed….. When I could not get in to the site I tried later and was just going to pay for the parts only to find they were now out of stock….so I bought them else where cheaper…

  8. The Ideanator says:

    uh stan, if you read the description I wrote, it states that “unfortunately I didn’t get the discount, but I bought anyway because I needed it”

  9. The Ideanator says:

    And also, they could have just as easily not given away $100K+ in free stuff, Sparkfun didnt screw anyone over, they were generous enough to give away more then they said they would.
    I’m a little sad, but thats life.

  10. nubie says:

    If you were to get a custom vinyl made up you could do any design you wanted.

    The results of just simple tape are really good.

  11. MS3FGX says:

    Yeah I didn’t get the “Lego is dead” comment either. Was it supposed to be a joke?

  12. Anonymous says:

    Those legos aren’t dead. They’re feeling much better. They think they’ll go for a spin.

  13. osgeld says:

    “And also, they could have just as easily not given away $100K+ in free stuff, ”

    well with their markups (I mean seriously 5$ for a 65 cent cd4051 stuck on a chunk of pcb)they only really gave away about 10-20 grand

    so quit acting like them giving out 100 grand was some gigantic noble thing, they are screwing you even when its free

  14. Andrew says:

    “they are screwing you even when its free”

    So how does that work then?

  15. The Ideanator says:

    So they gave away 10-20K huh? that’s after the markup of the suppliers, thus allowing them to give away <2000$

  16. onlysix says:

    “Urrm no, only Americans get it wrong, read it from the horses mouth http://www.lego.com/eng/info/fairplay.asp

    Hey Going Digital,

    What is with the American bashing? One person uses a word improperly, so all American people are idiots?

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