Out now: EL coat, Coming soon: EL hat

[Render] says his coat is simply “enhanced with EL wire”, but we know the truth. He’s secretly an alien that can’t block out all of his glowing green skin with a the black coat. No? Fine,

You can put away the sewing machine, [Render] simply used a needle and fishing line to attach ~50-70 foot of electroluminescent wire to the outside of a coat he picked up at a local clothing shop. Solder and program in an inverter and controller board thanks to SparkFun, and you’re ready to go.

Just double check all your connections, high voltage directly on your person is not fun. Trust us.

41 thoughts on “Out now: EL coat, Coming soon: EL hat

  1. Wow, that definitely looks… umm interesting. Not my style but points for creativity. Would be great to wear to a rave! :D

  2. I saw this in person at HOPE. I literally did a double-take. It looks very impressive. I’ve been thinking of “enhancing” my pirate coat in a similar fashion.

  3. ridiculous goggles cause man to laugh coffee over style challenged maker… good thing he was protected by goggles!

  4. Add some Blood Pressure sensors and you have a quick, non-verbal way to let people know that they’re pissing you off!

  5. meh el wire, you outline something with it, plug it in, it kinda looks like tron

    now make a tux out of el sheets… that could be wild

  6. therian: The above photo was taken by Grey Frequency, my wife.

    James: Added a bit about powering the coat. It’s all off one 3.7v LiPo battery. I get about 6 hours out of it.

    ouroboros: The Goggles are getting a seperate writeup. Yes there’s an arduino involved.

    Caleb: I’m already investigating EL panels for other projects.

    cgmark: And Just because we should’nt doesn’t mean we can’t!

  7. Reminds me a bit of the riddler. It’s kind of neat I definatly think a shirt with blood pressure sensor would be cool.

  8. It’s cool and the others are jealous. And just cuz you wouldn’t wear it doesn’t mean chicks won’t drop their clothes just to be wrapped in these wires…hmmm…there’s a hack in there I’m sure.

  9. Heh, I made something like this a few years ago for halloween using EL wire meant for PC case mods (spools were n/a at the time). I had a full body outline, gloves/fingers outlined and a gas mask with the eyes, mouthpiece and a faux mouth outlined. I also used fishing line as the thread

  10. Erik: I dont doubt it. I’d love to see pics.

    I was suprised I had not seen more EL clothing out there. I have plans for a gas mask/respirator as well, but that is more an LED thing.

  11. @RenderMan I didn’t do as fine a detail as you, but I’ve linked the page in question to my name on this post. Forgive the non-details and atrocious page(s)!

    Burning man has a has a huge EL crowd for many years (from decorating cars to clothing) I took my idea from seeing a Daft Punk show a long time ago. I didn’t have a helmet to do up like them, but did have a gas mask and it turned out pretty well! I have them in the boot of my car still lol

  12. I had made a Tron suit for Burning Man a number of years ago, using EL wire attached via nylon thread. It died after 20 minutes of my walking about, as the EL wire didn’t like flexing at all, and shorted out internally. EL wire on flexible clothes is a fragile thing, so you need to be sure to avoid flexing as much as possible.

  13. @Revar I learned this lesson as well. My gloves died that NYE from too much flexing in the fingers. The internal construction is a single solid core wire (power) that is very susceptible to metal fatigue wrapped in plastic, powdered w/ EL material then a very thin wire (power) loosely wrapped around that then finally the outer (colored) plastic sheath…

    It’s best to make everything in segments so there are “joints” where flexing will occur. I didn’t have any issues with the wires around my knees, elbows or armpits…yet! I hope to get off my lazy ass and write all this up someday :o

  14. Oh, man. I would pay good money to see this guy shock the *#&@ out of himself when he exceeds the bend radius on that EL wire, it breaks, and pokes him through the shirt!!!

    I guess as long as he doesn’t move around too much, he’ll be fine ;)

  15. @Jake
    I’m pretty sure he kept that in mind. It’s not like his body is made of origami paper and hes folding himself into a swan.
    The only area I could see the EL wire bending too much is around the elbows. Any thick fabric long sleeve will pull up when the elbow is at a bend. It’ll give the el glow wire enough slack.

    My El glow shorts are a hit with the ladies ;)

  16. @sariel
    It’s you. I know Renderman, he looks nothing like Seth Green. @Render Hopefully you didn’t have a laser shooting out your crotch like Shmoocon this time!

  17. What do you mean “high voltage directly on your person is not fun”? Applied in the right way to a consenting adult and…

  18. @Sariel
    I was going to say the same thing. lol
    It’s not just you. Regardless if he does or doesn’t look like him normally, in this pic he resembles Seth Green.

  19. @Alan

    I’ll bet they are! All you have to do is get one to sit on your lap, and they get that “electro-stimulation” ;)

  20. I like the bloodpressure sensor idea JimXugle, but bloodpressure is hard to measure needing time and pumps and what not, so how about a heartrate increase sensor, set it to you default resting rate and if it increases the glow increases, might be amusing and doable.

  21. @Matt:

    Needle and fishing line was used as the cost of the refills for a buttoneer, as well as availability.

    In order to secure it tight enough, I figured I’d need to attach it every half inch or so (more on corners). For 55 feet of wire, I’d need about $100 of refills. Fishing line was about $3 and worked great.

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