RGB Lamp Bulb Replacement


Wanting to make some unique and interesting gifts for his nieces as well as improve his PCB skills and expand beyond Arduino, [Jay] has made these color changing Ikea lamps. He’s using an ATTiny2313 for the brains, a handful of RGB LEDs plus 3 warm white LEDs to keep the wife happy. you can download the schematic and PCB files if you want to reproduce this one yourself. You can see his PCB making skills have improved since the nursery room temperature monitor. We think his nieces will be pleased with their gifts.

[via HackedGadgets]

14 thoughts on “RGB Lamp Bulb Replacement

  1. Why is every post with a microchip tagged as an “arduino hack”? This has as much to do with arduino as it does with Lego Mindstorms. I don’t understand HAD’s fetishism with arduino.

    This is a WONDERFUL microcontroller project! I especially appreciate the nice, large schematic image. I’m curious – why is the ATTiny2313 is utilizing the external 20MHz crystal? Even with PWM, I wouldn’t imagine this board requires time-critical processing. Using the on-chip RC oscillator might have saved a few components. Maybe I’m missing something though. Love the SMT board. Great work!

  2. @Scott

    I’m not sure what you’re complaining about? There’s no mention of an “Arduino hack” and the tags don’t mention Arduino at all. They simply mentioned that he wanted TO IMPROVE BEYOND THE ARDUINO as he had his previous project utilizing an Arduino and apparently mentioning what he had improved on is considered “fetishism”. Sometimes I feel like the whole “Arduino backlash” @ HaD is fueled by irrelevant comments like yours.


    VERY impressive compared to the last project. I may print out a couple of these boards to play with behind my TV (quasi-Ambilight effect). We’ll see if it’s even possible. I may just have to pick up one of these lamps next time I’m at Ikea.

  3. @wifigod:
    posted Aug 9th 2010 8:00am by Caleb Kraft
    filed under: arduino hacks, led hacks

    And I’m not mad, I’m just noting it’s a little funny.

    @Caleb: I agree and I’m somewhat glad. Arduino is an awesome way for people to dive into the microcontroller field. I greatly respect it for what it is!

    @EVERYONE – I have no intention of turning this thread into a flame war for/against arduino. I think we’d all benefit from dropping it. I shouldn’t have even brought it up. This is a fun project! Let’s keep it that way

  4. @Scott

    Being fairly new to AVRs when I designed this project, I wasn’t sure the internal clock would work with PWM. Looking back, your right, I could have eliminated several components by not using the external crystal.

    Let me know if you build a variant or improve the code, I’d love to see what others do…

  5. fwiw you can get 350mA RGB “pill” LEDs from Rapid.

    obviously they will need cooling but you can get away with a small heatsink from a graphics card if the average power is low.

    useful tip:- if you see an xbox hd-dvd drive take out the fan, runs nicely on 6-12V and can be speed controlled.

  6. @Myridom, I encourage people NOT to waste their money on that piece of junk. Keep to the spirit and make 15 of these for the price of that thing. (ps, I happen to own that, got it as a gift) And when you make them yourself, you can control them together with i2c or similar, interface them to whatever you want. Comments like that are seemingly irrelevant to the spirit of this site, don’t you agree. :[

  7. To the maker:-


    To the mod who posted this:-

    Can you please learn to put non-misleading titles to articles? You imply that this is a ‘replacement’ for a light bulb, where it is not. It is not mains powered, it does not mount to the bulb socket, therefore it is not a replacement. It is a hack.

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