Easter egg hacking


Spring is upon us and Instructables user [Mischka] decided it was a good idea to combine two flavors we never considered putting together: The Easter Bunny and the A-Team.

He decided to build the egg as an Easter gift for his brother, who is a huge fan of the A-Team. He found a slightly larger than normal plastic egg, and proceeded to paint the shell white, adding a printed picture of Mr. T once the paint had dried.

The guts of the egg are made up of a Picaxe 08M micro controller mounted on a Picaxe protoboard. Rather fond of buzzing, beeping audio, he decided to forgo a normal speaker and opted to use a piezo instead. To activate the music when the egg is shaken, a tilt switch was added to the board as well. He uploaded his software to the Picaxe, sealed up the egg, and called it a day.

We can imagine his brother will be pretty pleased with the creation – who wouldn’t be? We only wish that there was video of the egg in action.


  1. mic says:

    It should say, “I pity the fool.” when you shake it.

  2. Oliver says:


    I’ll get my coat

  3. Gema says:

    Why does this thing not say, “I pity the fool who eats this egg”…even though it is plastic

  4. Roberto says:

    A crack commando indeed.

  5. Mike says:

    I was eggspecting something more eggsquisite, eggsessive and eggstreme.

  6. medwardl says:

    could fill it with gun powder or nitroglycerine that would be more a-team like.

  7. Steve says:

    I pity the fool who tries to scramble THAT egg!!

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