Turning a MIDI sequencer display into a Tetris clone


Tetris is unquestionably a game for the ages. Despite its simplicity, someone, somewhere will always find a way to port the game (Translation) to just about any electronic device that can handle it.

Earlier this year we showed you a slick MIDI sequencer project that was constructed using an Arduino Mega, which also happened to drive an incredibly detailed touch screen display. [Christian] must have gotten bored with his awesome creation one day, because he pulled the drum level display out of his Arduino Sequencer 808, and turned the LED array into a mini Tetris game.

As you can see in the video below, the game runs pretty well, though from what we can see it lacks any sort of score keeping. We dig it because we never really tire of Tetris clones, and we think it’s great that he kept his 808 sequencer design modular enough that he can pluck different components out for reuse in other projects.


  1. RebelHell says:

    Nobody gets that many straight lines in Tetris!

  2. angus says:

    > Despite its simplicity

    Why “despite”?

  3. XOIIO says:

    This is fake. No tetris gives you line blocks that often.

  4. Builder Programmer says:

    This is no Fake here is my Sourcecode http://arduino.r-bau.de/index.php?page=4&obj=25

    i’ve 19 Sprite’s and one Random funktion in the hole Arduino Univers random are random or do you have a new Random in your IDE ???

  5. Builder Programmer says:

    Last night i build Breakout Pong and Space Invaders on the same Engine, the video will comming soon ….

    Check my other Stuff before you write Fake !!!!

  6. Dustin Evans says:

    I think they were poking fun and calling it “fake” because, in the game, you never see that many line blocks. Not that the video or project is actually fake.

    Great project.

  7. Builder Programmer says:

    Version 2 All Sprites Sound and for you my writen in 5 minutes Special Random Function with no more many straigth up Sprites !!!! :-)

    Video Loads up wait 5 minutes !!!

  8. Jarek says:

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