Augmented Laser Cutter Removes Design Technology Barriers

augmented laser

Laser cutters, 3D printers, CNC routers — they’re all great technology in the right hands, but unfortunately the learning curve sometimes puts would-be makers at a distance.  [Anirudh] from MIT’s Media Lab is attempting to break down at least one of those barriers with his augmented laser cutter system called, Clearcut.

The system consists of a webcam, a projector, and a semi transparent work space on top of the laser cutter. By placing objects on the surface, the webcam can identify them, duplicate them with the projector, and then laser engrave them. In addition to the “copy and paste” idea of this, you can also use infrared emitting pens to physically draw your design on the work surface to be engraved. It starts to bridge the gap between complex CAD and pencil and paper, something anyone is capable of.



Unfortunately no the software is not open source, but the idea is there, and it provides an intriguing thought towards a different way of doing things. In fact, it’s very similar to the Constructable project we shared a few months ago — minus the projector.


  1. Telimektar says:

    Imagine this with some type of GUI for precise measure, thats would be cool.

  2. LouLou says:

    Sweet tat!

    Let me copy that and then paste it to my back side!
    *bends over*

  3. bubba gump says:

    With our Epilog lasers and Corel draw we just scan the artwork and raster it. Way easier.

  4. ilan says:

    What about CopyCAD, and earlier Media Lab project?

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