iPad Finds New Home in Mac Classic

Who of us out there don’t have a spare iPad and Mac Classic kicking around? If you are one of those lucky folks then this project is for you. [site hirac] has made a pretty neat stand for an iPad made out of a Mac Classic case (translated). It just happens that the screens of the Mac Classic and iPad are pretty darn close in size. Although the screen size is similar, the resolution is not. The original Macintosh Classic had a black and white screen with a resolution of 512 × 342 pixels. The iPad’s resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels has 450% more pixels than the original Mac.

To get the iPad to fit correctly, the case had to be significantly modified. First, all of the internals of the Mac were removed, leaving just an empty case. The front panel of the case was removed and a slot on the left side is made. This slot helps to allow the iPad to slide into the Mac. On the inside of the front panel quite a few of injection molded supports were trimmed away for clearance. A slot was also cut in the left side of the rear case half. When the case is re-assembled, the slots in the front and rear halves provide a large enough hole for the iPad to fit through. Oddly, there are some plastic features on the front panel that are at just the right height to hold the iPad in the ideal location to line up with the screen cutout in the case.

All the case mod details well documented, in case you are itching to build one. This is a pretty neat project already but if we had to make any suggestions, it would be to add a docking connector and some integrated speakers. As the project is now, the iPad runs off battery power and the iPad speakers are facing into the case.


  1. jcwren says:

    I wish to click the ‘Like’ button for this :)

  2. Jgunn says:

    Might be neat to address the audio issue by building a resonant chamber inside the empty case… passive amplification.

  3. jgioag says:

    Neat hack but a true FAIL! when it comes to actually using that.

  4. F says:

    It’s just not the same without the grinding noise of the floppy drive.

    And I bet it doesn’t pop into Macsbug when you press the programmer button.

  5. pcf11 says:

    I don’t have a spare iPad and Mac Classic kicking around. I’ve never owned an Apple product in my life.

  6. gregkennedy says:

    R.I.P. Mac Classic.

  7. ijthjirfs says:

    Well, that’s how Jobs used to use his iPad.

  8. Horsthorse says:

    whow, you succesfully wasted a piece of computer history for using it as a stand for a crapy iDevice which will die by hardware failure in an lower 2 digit number of month :/

    what a shame

  9. Erik Johnson says:

    The mac classics aren’t all that desirable and have a more modern style than its se and prior brethren…

  10. Am I missing something? How does one click the physical button (whatever Apple calls it) on the front of the iPad?

  11. Kevin says:

    FYI, I reposted the original link instead of the HA link because of the way you combined two images into one. That doesn’t make a good thumbnail on Facebook.

  12. Hirudinea says:

    Needs an internal inductive charger and an old mac keyboard bluetoothized.

  13. tshirt says:

    >>The original Macintosh Classic had a black and white screen with a resolution of 512 × 342 pixels.

    Just an Icon for an iOS app is 512×512 now.

  14. oh, and the mouse…

  15. Pft, Techmoan did this ages ago.

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