Astronaut Or Astronot: Don’t Try To Record SQL Queries At DEFCON

It’s Friday morning and time for another round of Astronaut Or Astronot, the little lottery thing where we’re giving away lots of dev boards, programmers, and an awesome meter to someone on if they have voted in the latest round of voting.

There’s no video this week because, you know, DEFCON, but the person randomly chosen did not vote. Too bad.

This means the voting will continue next week, same time. If you want a chance to get your grubby mitts on a bunch of awesome gear, vote. Do it now.

28 thoughts on “Astronaut Or Astronot: Don’t Try To Record SQL Queries At DEFCON

  1. just randomly choosing someone who probably has not even voted but making a vote a requirement for winning is pretty sad.
    There where many hackers who voted but probably far more who did not.
    Why not choosing someone who has voted or splitting the prize if the first one has not voted?

    Anyways. i really like the idea of this lottery thing but this system is a bit strange.

    1. its a (maybe a little clumsy) marketing trick. the whole thing is about getting as many people to register for (and watch and place projects in there), to visit and also to get as many people to vote or take part in the contest. as any other ad-supported website, they need visitors, so it’s just natural to attract more hackers,makers, fanboys and whoever might be interested. don’t forget it’s a free service we receive here. and after all they are putting a space flight, a lot of cool equipment and a lot of effort on the line, so let them have it their way.

      i would have registered and voted, if they had spent half the effort into creating (which is no good in my eyes) as they have spent into the space campaign (which is pretty cool, but a little too complicated for my taste).

      …just a few thoughts by a little hackaday fanboy :)

    2. It is also not very nice to name and shame the non-voting account. not everyone are interrested in voting. i myself tried voting but the site simply didnt work (ignored my clicks, i blame the web2.5 stuff, but who knows – and i dont care enough to look into it)

      Changing the rules (not only deadline) of the competition mid-way is one thing, then shaming and insulting the inactive (by choice, by accident, by whatever) users is plain sad – and now you got all the had-fans posting more insults in this thread to people who are not actively involved in this. as if registering on the site somehow made one contractually obligated to join the competition and vote whenever HAD wants it

      Badly planned/executed and Sad all-round :(

    1. I thought I was the only one who thought of that. Come on, Hackaday tech “geniuses”. If you’re gonna design a competition like this on purpose, at least credit us with the intelligence to spot that, while you’re in a corner, rubbing your eyes cos now these awesome, awesome prizes don’t have, – sob – a home!

      Is this the first offense under the “I told you so” doom-saying we did back when HaD started hawking it’s wares for a sugar-daddy a year or so ago?

      1. At the end of the voting round if nobody has won the prize yet then we do redraw repeatedly until someone wins. This happened a couple of weeks back, and may well happen again but it basically means that every couple of weeks or so we’re giving away $1000 in prizes guaranteed and all you have to do is vote.

        1. But if i _choose_ not to vote, will you still tell eveyone about my account winning despite me not voting? in a post like this so everyone can get to insult me? thatpart was lower than kindergarden behavior imho.

    1. Dunno. I’m in that difficult demographic that really doesn’t give a fuck. The ones that smoke, even though the pictures on cigarette packets are, like, really grody, and show dead bodies because we’re too stupid to know what “death” means without a photo. The same grim fuckers that don’t vote for anybody and must therefore be completely happy with whatever governance they end up with.

      If only intelligent people, people who understand how, could somehow find a way of letting us know how wrong we are, and what’s really best for us! The tragedy of the stupids, that’s what it is.

  2. “…but the person randomly chosen did not vote. Too bad.”

    Too bad? I don’t think anyone really cares.

    It is sad that y’all are trying to guilt people into voting. I facepalm a little inside every time one of the writers here makes a comment like that.

  3. Wow, if everyone here complaining took the same amount of time to vote on *ONE* stupid project they would have a chance at some great stuff for free. No wait, I take that back, DON’T VOTE! More chances for me >8-}

  4. Well, boo hoo, the guys stupid for not entering. It’s an amazing chance and absolutely wonderful prizes on here (Thanks Overlords) How hard is it to spend 1 minute a week to make a single vote for a excellent chance to win, really? Hope the winner/looser cries himself to sleep over this :P

    1. And if he didnt spend that 1 minute (hey, its summer, perhaps he is enjoying the beach without internet somewhere?) he deservers to be named in a post on HAD as if he had killed a few kittens? so that you can feel smug about hoping he feels sad?

      Giving away free stuff is no excuse to treat disrespect their users.

  5. I stopped voting after the second time no one was picked as a winner. If my only incentive to vote is to hear about the lack of people voting instead of amazing winners then I would rather not vote. Apparently the chances of winning are rather small.

    1. Not sure if you’ve been paying attention Paul.

      We’ve given away a pretty nice oscilloscope, a Bukito portable 3d printer from Deezmaker, and a good benchtop power supply. All this in a little under a month. I think we’ve only drawn ‘non-winners’ on two occasions so far.

      1. To be in the end of month draw, do I need to have voted on all the voting occasions? I have no idea when or how many there have been so far. How often do new voting sessions get released?

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