use a primestar dish as an ieee 802.11 wireless networking antenna

a primestar dish as an ieee 802.11 wireless networking antenna

i’m totally going to do this, and i think i just scored an extra direct tv dish too.

..make a dish into a highly directional antenna for the very popular IEEE 802.11 wireless networking. The resulting antenna has about 22 db of gain, and is fed with 50 ohm coaxial cable. Usually LMR400 or 9913 low loss cable is used if the source is more than a few feet from the antenna. The range using two of these antennas with a line of sight path is around 10 miles at full bandwidth.

10 miles!

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nintendo ds rom dumps, almost

nintendo ds rom dumps, almost

it’s nintendo ds week here folks, well, not really, i’m just trying to get a few nintendo posts up as things “start” to develop. over on the gbadev forum, it looks like someone dumped the rom of metroid prime, at least the start of it. why is this good? one, figuring this out will get us all started on developing games, content, applications and more. and two, i know i’d like back up my roms the ds cartridges are tiny and bound to get lost, ideally i’d like to store them all on one big ole’ monster card.

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nintendo ds tv interference

nintendo ds tv interference

there was a bit of debate when the nintendo ds launched and if the signal actually interfered with televisions. one hack a day investigator pretty much confirmed it. so, there might be some cool hacks to tune it in better or something else, like jamming it.

“I read somewhere about DS interference on old TVs. My wife has this cool old Sony Watchman so I decided to see if I could pick up the DS. It did…”

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