msn on the psp

msn psp

finally someone worked out a nifty little system for the MSN for use on PSP.
And it looks good too. MSN isn’t as popular as AIM or anything else, but it’s great for talking with people who arent in america or just dont use aim. so this is obviously another step in psp advancing technology. there is literally maybe a little more than 2 or 3 graphics and the rest is nice and text based



sheesh, got enough acronyms for you?

either way we don’t care. this is in fact, a Subaru STI converted into an ATV. a kick ass ATV i might add. Just check out some specs


                    TURBO CHARGED   AND  INTERCOOLED

SUSPENSION:      BLISTIEN            
POWER:     170kw
WEIGHT:     550KG

as we  began to drool, we wiped our chins off and continuesreading. this is a turbo charged atv with an intercooler
the site doesn’t have much info because it’s being worked on, but the 5 pics they give you show you how awesome this is . the question is…would it beat an original STI on the road? hmmmm…

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use a cellphone as a magnetic card reader

Card Reader

this is a really different feature for your cellphone, provided you have a Siemens MC 60 mobile phone. it’s the ability to use the phone as a magnetic card reader. how you ask? the MC 60 has the ability to record sounds to use a ringtone or whatever. when a card has data on it, and you swipe it through a card reader, it will make a “swoosh” sort of noise. these are the two tones the card makes..the two tones being 1 and 0. after this, the binary data is read and interpreted with whatever information may be on it. 2600’s Off the hook was talking about this on their show a few weeks ago, and how it’s used with metrocard

run linux on gmail

Linux Code

yes you read right. it’s possible to install linux on gmail. richard jones wrote some python that allows you to mount linux within gmail. you can use all kinds of unix commands to communicate with gmail like ls, rm, grep, cp, etc. it’s an ongoing project in development but it’s very cool and allows you basically a 2gb virtual drive of sorts. you’ll need to have libgmail and FUSE at hand to make it work properly. libgmail communicates with gmail while FUSE provides the filesystem. Give it a shot, it looks like it’s progressing very nicely.

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MIT Disco LED Dance Floor

MIT Disco

Sure you know that Disco Stu from the simpsons has got all the moves, but what if you don’t and want to kick it like travolta? then there’s only one option: head up to MIT and check out their LED Disco Dance Floor. This thing is comprimised of 1,536 LEDs made by 20,000 hand soldered connections. that’s a lot of work. it can produce 4,096 colors, can be controlled through XMMS, handles 30fps, and the best part is that it’s 128 square feet. Yes. It’s a very impressive dance floor that has insane capability. there is a log kept which is very detailed and explains the process and how it became a technical nightmare. they made custom PCB controllers to use it and soldered day and night to complete it for a dance they were having. in the end it was pulled off and quite successfully. they also have an “epilogue” telling what changes they made after the dance to improve it. that’s MIT for ya.

thanks to everyone who sent this in.

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