gameboy floppy disk drive

Gameboy Disk Drive

We like old hacks like this! I mean, the gameboy color and the floppy disk drive are both so passe,¬† so why not use them together to try to make something cool? Well apparently the french can, so props to Jean Francois for doing this. The link we give you is the Google-english-translated page so you can actually read more about it. this doesn’t really serve an insane purpose like storing all 10,000 of your pirated GB ROMS on the disk, but it’s very in depth about the technical advantages and aspects of doing this project. very nice work….does the ’90s proud.

thanks [togi]

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making an android head

androiad head

Well, even I was a bit shocked when I was reading this. it is very much possible to build an android head with moving eyes and eyelashes….and on the cheap too (Well somewhat). It costs about $600 after parts, you’ll need an OS that can run Java (that’s gonna be so hard to find right?), and as always, patience and skill. This requires a lot of work but your payoff is well, an android head with 2 eyes that’ll look at you and follow you around. It’s pretty creepy that we can do this ourselves already, and for this inexpensively too. Do I hear Skynet anyone?

thanks a lot to [barbobot]

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NeXT Cubeness

Next Cube

Yes we are back again with MORE cubeness. This is yet another Japanese doing. It’s crazy that someone even thought of this, it’s like saying “Hey! Know what would rock? A Sun SparcStation2 inside a cube!” Well maybe not that bad, but it’s a NeXT cube. The failed one from the ’80s. Still Jobs, just not Apple. They gutted an Apple G4 Cube machine and made a sleek, well, next cube out of it. Even a pretty Next logo is there to complete it.¬† Seems like cube hacks and mods are the new fad

EVDO Stompbox Project


A stompbox? What’s that, a guitar pedal? No silly, it’s a WWAN (Wireless Wide Area Network) box that picks up data from cellular towers then redistributes it so that you can use it in whichever way you please. A good example is if you had one in a car, you could trace the car and whether it’s moving and track where it’s headed. Making one requires a few parts and some manual labor working and testing, but it pays off. You can now use Google Maps’ Satellite Viewing to track things. It’s got so much potential to be used in good and bad ways.

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more homebrew Nintendo DS fun

DS Hacksx

This will take patience, time, skill, and jolt cola. Tim Schuerewegen released the driver and application necessary to allow anyone with a Nintendo DS, a GBA flash cart, and a supported wireless network card to load any homebrew demo/app on their DS. You could do it with PassMe
but now it can be done wirelessly.

What You Need
PCI or PCMCIA wireless network card with the RT2500 or RT2560 chipset
(complete list here)
NOTE: USB version (RT2570) will not work
* Tim’s modified driver and application (local mirror: driver, application)
* Gameboy Advance flashcart (more info here)
* A computer with Windows 2000 or Windows XP

just take your time and read everything step by step

Hack a Honda/Acura Navigation System

Acura Honda

if you have 2 MDXs, and NSX, and an RSX like we do, this might be for you! seriously check it out. honda and Acura have their little built in GPS navigation screens to help guide you to wherever…well that’s gotta look boring after about 1000 miles, so spice it up with some customade skins. there is even a blue screen of death background, which is a wonderful thing. you’ll need a program called dumpnavi¬† that will let you change it. there’s little documentation but the source code is right there. it’d be cool to see some BMWS, infinitis, and other luxury cars hacked.

There is a GUI version, a console version, and good ol’ source code. pick your poison and if anyone actually….wants to try this, please let us know! thanks [pantz]

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