Hackaday Links

Not to start on a downer, but Robert Moog died Sunday. We’d like to do a roundup of good homemade synthesizer projects so send them into the tip line.

Jet powered beer cooler, this is an old favorite of mine that got sent in by two separate people. Please give your sources. I like this project because it is so unnecessary. He cools the beer by venting propane as fast as possible, but that isn’t safe so he builds a jet engine out of a turbo to burn the propane off.

Our friends at Divester have a nice ROV project link, lots of pictures.

Jacob’s ladder, is simple enough effect for a lazy afternoon. [Kennnn]

Treehugger is holding a DIY contest.  The prize is a very appropriate solar powered backpack. So, head over and represent for Hack-A-Day.

Dry ice based air conditioner, inspired by the previous homebrew air conditioner. [hyperblue]

Another tattoo gun, this time without the ads [bo0ndocksaint]

Shorten your Zippo, sure, why not [sybaek]

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