Holga style digital camera lens


The Holga is a cheap medium format film camera that has achieved cult status for its inconsistent, truly unique photographs featuring blur, light leaks, vignetting, and distortion. Poor quality digital photos aren’t nearly as interesting and [Joachim Guanzon] wanted to achieve the Holga effect without using robotic Photoshop filters. He constructed this lens for his Canon 20D. The base is an EOS body cap with the center drilled out. A tube is constructed from a white film canister and the Holga lens is mounted inside. The tube length increases the usable distance of the camera and the white body lets some light leak in. A lens cap with a 3/16th inch hole is snapped over the top. The hole creates a vignette and since it isn’t permanently attached the pattern will be more random. Check out Joachim’s sample photos.

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Forward RSS feeds to your cellphone


[th0mas] has put together a concise how-to on forwarding Atom or RSS to you cellphone. In his example he grabs an Atom feed from his Gmail account then parses it to find the new messages. The new message list is compared to a file so that duplicate messages aren’t sent. All new messages are then sent to the phone’s email address. th0mas has provided enough information so that this script could be easily expanded. It looks like a decent introduction to PERL as well, so even if you aren’t looking to send stuff to your cellphone it might still be worth a look.

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Switch mode iPod charger

switch mode power supply

Usually when someone asks me how to build a USB charger I point them to Jason Striegel’s USB battery v2. It’ll work for a lot of things that only need 5V. Unfortunately [ian] has a 3G firewire iPod so he decided to build a switch mode power supply to generate the 8-30V required by firewire. The device is powered by 3 AA batteries and uses a PIC 12F683 microcontroller to regulate the output voltage. The device can power a dead 3G iPod, but it can’t charge it, so Ian is looking for some input from the community. Some have already suggested using FETs with a lower turn on voltage.

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Old pen plotter converted to vinyl cutter

vinyle cutting plotter

Vinyl cutters can be very expensive, so [vinyl hacker] decided to share with us the alternate route some people have taken. Here is what you need to get started: An old HP pen plotter with a serial connection. A compatible serial cable. A blade holder (Roland blade holders don’t fit). Some Roland vinyl blades. Cutting software like SignGo of DAHEDIsign. Vinyl (found in sign shop dumpsters). The main resource for these plotter/cutters seems to be luberth.com. It’s hard to navigate, but all of the info you need should be there. Now you can cut stickers, stencils, small signs for very little money.

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Hard drive oscilloscope

hard drive scope

[hackgadgets.com is back up… maybe]

[Alan] put together a list of the Top 5 Dead Hard Drive Projects. He suggested we post about the hard drive laser oscilloscope, since he couldn’t find the project anywhere else. I actually saw a similar project during dorkbot-sf‘s presentation at Maker Faire. A laser is mounted to the drive case. The beam is bounced off of a mirror connected to the read/write head. He’s got a video of it in action on his site. Have a look at the other hard drive projects as well.

Scratch built RC helicopter

rc helicopter

Ben Hui had been planning on purchasing an RC helicopter, but with a little more reading he was determined to build his own (cache). Most of the bracketry is built out of the fiber board base used for PCBS. He has details of how he constructed the swashplate, rotor head, tail rotor, and how to make your own blades. He eventually modified a brushless CDROM motor to drive the main rotor.

[thanks Jan]

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