The neverending duster

neverending duster

Scott was tired of throwing money away on cans of compressed air (who pays for air?). He decided to build a compressed air can that could be recharged. The aerosaol can that he used should be able to handle at least 200psi. The travel DC air compressor is only good for 50psi so he doesn’t expect this to turn into a frag grenade anytime soon. It’s not nearly as powerful, but at least now it’s “as free as the air you breathe”.

55 thoughts on “The neverending duster

  1. As somebody who owns the exact can pictured in #5 purchased from the same source, let me say authoritatively that is sucks ass. It is officially too good to be true. Don’t even bother trying to ‘spray’ liquids with it, because if it’s thicker than alcohol it’ll just come out in a stream. If it is alcohol thickness, it will spray, but only large droplets, and only if you barely put any material in the can. It’s not even that great for air, as there is a safety on the can that prevents filling beyond 80 PSI (it says 90 on the box, but mine releases at 80), and it releases it’s full charge at 80 PSI in about 5 seconds.

    Go to the junkyard and find the tank off an old compressor. It’ll be cheaper, and it will actually be worth having.

  2. Perhaps a better source for a portable would be a refillable fire extinguisher. You’ll have tons of volume and it’s much safer.

    Plus you can fill it with a gallon of water and douse people across the street when you’re bored :)

  3. A small “air bubble” will never perform as well as the canned “air”. Why? Shake the can you discover the can contains a fluid. A blast from the can consumes that liquid, not compressed air. That is not to say a small air bubble can’t have utility. I have considered building one myself. Using threaded steel pipe and associated fittings. In the even that what ever you build is prone to rust, fill it from a compressed air source equipped with a moisture trap or air dryer. Practically everyone who reads hackaday is ignorant, in some manner. Initial ignorance in itself, is not a bad character trait, but choosing to remain so can be. For that reason, I have no problem with persons pointing out hazards and can’t understand how that’s bad somehow.

  4. if one were to make this kind of device, wouldn’t it be better to try and modify a valve system into the can like the valves in a car tire? then you can just plug it onto your compressor and recharge it, and you won’t have to be carrying around a can + a compressor motor… just a thought

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