Battery Powered Tesla Coil

I happened across this nice simple PWM circuit, and eventually ran across this excellent little tesla coil. The build information is pretty interesting. Between the capacitor brick and the car ignition coils, I’d say it gets pretty creative.

14 thoughts on “Battery Powered Tesla Coil

  1. FINELY a tesla hack i love teslas but if you want a good battery powerd 1 check out soled state tesla coils i have 5 soled state and 12 spark gap teslas from the size of a 9v to the size of a full grown adult male (6’2″)

    1. Do you have plans up for your microcoils? I’ve worked with tabletop to small-midsized spark gap coils, and know enough electronics to get into SS stuff, and have long wanted to play with micros. But I’m old and busy and don’t want to reinvent the wheel or search theoretical stuff (or pay for iffy plan sets) and want a nice, concise, simple and tested/proven path into building microcoils.

  2. the power althoh “wireless power) the voltage is to high the amprige is to low and the frequency is to high

    and to spongy do you have a webpage because im making a new sstc with very high size ti output and a want some more scmattics

  3. I love this.
    I’m a big fan of allthings tesla, thought i had just come up with a great new idea worth pateneting – so googled it – and damn – someone had the idea before me!
    Cool though – where do i get one?

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