Real Life Avatar Style Video Recording

[salvo] enjoys searching for ‘untitled document’ with google. He ran across this crazy little project that just cracked me up. It’s a video camera rig that’s designed to simulate the video presentation of virtual reality games (everquest, etc.) and it actually does a decent job. It would probably get you arrested if you wore it in Boston…

28 thoughts on “Real Life Avatar Style Video Recording

  1. Imagine this jacked into a wifi network that created an overlay of an mmorpg on top of the real world and set loose a bunch of users in a safe area where real life and online life converged. WOW Theme Park anyone?

  2. This is a creative idea, but technically, this is stupid

    It would be MUCH more interesting to make this into a virtual reality system, tracking the movements of the person and showing a 3D rendered world in the user’s HUD monitor.

  3. Hehe! thats funny, specially since ive been playing second life for 36 straight hours. according to the site, this is what it’s purpose is:
    The system potentially allows for a diminished sense of social responsibility, and could lead the user to demonstrate behaviors normally reserved for the gaming environment.
    its funny because its true! people really do behave differently in games than in real life.
    now i have to go clean the snot off of my keyboard.

  4. Re: 7.

    I have wanted to do that for ages, having an external view while driving, but I cant get around the problem of what would happen if you drive under a bridge, or into a tunnel :)

    seriously though, an overhead view whilst driving could pretty well eliminate the problem of blinds spots on a vehicle.
    Maybe a UAV that follows the car around?

  5. #7. i think mythbusters had an episode where they used a plane controller to controll the car. (they did not want to be in a rocket propelled car) it would be easy to remove the radio controll and hook up a ps2 controller directly. but, even IF it is legal, it is still dangerous. (course your driving could just suck either way) (jk)

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