ToorCon 9: CDMA Unlocking And Modification

[Alexander Lash] gave a short overview of what you need to unlock a CDMA phone. He strongly recommended Howard Forums for finding most of the info you need. You’ll probably need BitPim and the Qualcomm PST (product support tools). Using the PST you can flash your new carrier’s firmware and then activate the phone on their network.

Verizon offers two ways to get unlimited EVDO data. $59 for a data plan or $15 for VCast. You’re not supposed to be able to use your VCast phone as an EVDO modem and it sends a different network access identifier (NAI) if you tether the phone. Using the PST you can change the NAI and use the cheaper VCast plan for data access. Here is a forum post detailing the process.

9 thoughts on “ToorCon 9: CDMA Unlocking And Modification

  1. Looking through the forum i came across the fact that the 1x data transfer can also be used for the hack. the 1x transfer @ 14.7 kb/s. could be set up to just use your minuits instead of requiring a subscription to v-cast or evo 15$ and 40 respectivly.

  2. Gotta love HowardForums. I joined to crack my Moto W385 when I realized my model no longer supported the P2K protocol. I ended up just having to use Moto Phone Tools to crack it, but they still have tons of great info on opening phones that aren’t supposed to be :-3

  3. Samsung Messenger SCH R450

    Is there ANY program that will allow me to read and write to the operating system files? Is there any way to edit or upgrade the firmware, or install 3rd party apps? Please help.

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