8 thoughts on “Drive Bay PoE Adapter

  1. why did he run the cable back to the front?
    he’d better let it run trough the pc, so it’s connected to the NIC at the back.. now its a cable just from the front to the back of the same pc!
    why didn’t he inserted the power at the NIC itself? would be an even nicer hack..
    (thinking of it.. someday i’ll might build such myself..)

  2. I wouldn’t have inserted the power at the nic. especially if it was an onboard nic. but, I wouldn’t have bought a switch plate to just take it apart when he could’ve just bought a rj45 wallplate with all the stuff already attached.

  3. That’s how power is feed to my ISP’s Motorola Canopy equipment outside. We do get Thunderstorms, while the antenna is only 12′ high or so, my mother board’s ethernet circuity got popped twice in 6 month’s. Good thing Dell snuck in the extended warranty on me as they covered the repairs. Though I put surge protection on the ethernet line, I do try to unplug from the computer when a Tstorm rolls through. My packet radio antenna was at 35′ connected 24/7 but the radio never got burnt. Advantage of a DC grounded antenna I guess.

  4. Note that all 4 pairs in ethernet cables are used for gigabit ethernet (1000base-T); not a huge deal, in that you can still get 100Base-T with the PoE scheme, but don’t expect all the love from your gee-whiz bang gigabit switch…

  5. I wouldn’t suggest plugging in a non PoE device into a powered port. Since the jack is clearly labeled radio, it is obviously for wireless gear. PoE is pretty much what makes wireless possible. All Motorola canopy gear is Poe and that is amazingly fast. Ceragon ODU radios are also Poe, and they’re fast enough to be used as backhaul/trunks at cellular sites. That being said, I also would like to have it in the rear of my pc. I think I’ll try one that is rear mounted to power my Microtik router.

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