Beer-30, OLED Style

[Matt] built this OLED display based clock for his electronics class. He used an ARM7 processor, designed a nice custom board for it and got busy. The clock face is actually a picture of the watch, and the hands are drawn on top as the time changes. Here’s to the first OLED project on Hack-A-Day.

12 thoughts on “Beer-30, OLED Style

  1. OLEDs are freaking cool.. I’ve had my creative zen stone+ for a while and it still draws some attention (being a non-ipod). The only prohibitive thing about this watch is the relatively low lifetime of the display.. in the thousands of hours

  2. What about someone publishing a way to use the OLED modules found in mobile phones? I have a few here from old e700 samsungs but they are less than helpful with their datasheets even though the chip used is current.

    It looks like you just clock in the line data serially and feed the OLED the correct voltages.

  3. £15.15 from Farnell for any other UK fiddlers, which isn’t too shabby, however according to their site once the stock is gone, it’s gone and there won’t be any more.
    As Farnell are where Newark are sourcing it for US fiddlers, this could become a problem unless somebody can find stock anyplace else?

  4. And this week’s project:- Take a single OLED module and three spare displays, and mod it to display the same or different data on four displays at once using the infamous “CHIP ENABLE” line trick. IIRC the internal controller on the display can store current data so this might just work.

    512*128 full colour anyone? :) this would own on the front of a PC’s optical drive cover.


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