Using Multiple Browsers For Security

[Rich] over at Securosis takes us through some of his browser paranoia exercises. He uses different browser profiles for different types of web activities. Based on potential risk, various tasks are separated to protect from CSRF attacks and more. Everyday browsing with low risk passwords is done in one. RSS reading with no passwords is done in another. He runs his personal blog in a browser dedicated just to that.

For high risk research, he uses virtual machines to further minimize any potential nasty code getting through. Very high risk sites are browsed through a non-persistent read-only Linux virtual machine. While these techniques can be less effective if the entire OS is comprised, they can still provide a few layers of additional security.

Fellow browser paranoia sufferers may want to consider Firefox plug-ins like NoScript and memory protection from Diehard.

16 thoughts on “Using Multiple Browsers For Security

  1. Why do you guys whine so much, if you think you can do better start your own site. If you don’t like the way the site works stop reading, or here’s a thought try constructive criticism instead of bitching like little girls.

  2. I think that HaD had finally made the big time now that people complain on each article. When you get people who complain that an article was a hardware hack and people who complain that in another article because it wasn’t a hardware hack, then you know you have really made it. :-)

  3. @ mister e

    “I agree bikedude, give us something we can actually use. Not stories of what other people did…”

    everything on this site is just what other people did. hacks other people have done, software they’ve created etc. granted, some provide more info than others, but this is still a good article. if you wanted to do this sort of thing, you could now read the link and see how someone else has implemented secure browsing.

    this is exactly the same as the above pac-man roomba hack. its just a little look at what someone has done hack wise, its just that this is a software type ‘hack’ and the roomba is hardware based. oh, and there are no complaints about that post ;)

    the idea behind different browsers for different tasks is quite a good one. the virtual machine business kind of makes sense, but wouldn’t it just be simpler to use anti virus and something like spybot S&D? and if i know a site is malicious, i don’t switch browser, i just don’t visit that site ;) still a good setup, reminds me of the paranoidlinux( effort…

  4. I agree, we can’t complain about every post. It is a personal site.

    HOWEVER, this IS Slashdot material. IMHO, not Hackaday material. It is a personal site, but we make it by coming here. It’s not unreasonable to ask for less of this type. The name IS “HACK”aday. This is in no way a hack, of anykind, hardware or software. If you can find it somehow so, we are tip toeing a fine line.

    These negative comments aren’t pleasing, but in the years I have come here, I can’t remember a SINGLE negative comment regarding post content. That OUGHT to say something when it happens on several occasions from several people.

    Let’s keep the hacks, ok? I visit Slashdot daily for this kinda thing. That’s my 2 cents and my share of Hackaday.

  5. Useless… There’s a guy down the street how covers his head in tin foil, a write up of this theories would be more interesting. According to his XXX-cider induced ramblings they use the lamp posts, you’d have to get the rest off him.

  6. Speaking of using multile browsers, Has anyone one else read about the security holes when using both Safari and Internet Explorer on a PC? Apparently you can drop an exe onto someones desk top using safari and then run it throught internet explorer. Maybe using multiple browsers isn’t such a good idea. LOL

  7. Speak for yourself #11……i can complain as long as its garbage and crap.

    we dont like the news section—-its slasdoty and boingboingy and reeks of engadget. we used to come to hackaday to get original hacks…..but no more.

    Now, we just come to be disappointed. hey #8…you know when you have “made it” you quit giving a damn what your faithful and loyal readers want to read and can AFFORD to not give a damn.

    I guess the revenues from the adspace soothe your conscience, eh Will?

    Screw this……….this site sucks now. I am taking my toys and going home.

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