Accelerometer Mouse From Scratch

[Mahavir] sent in his group’s final project for the College of Engineering in Pune (it’s over here). They built an accelerometer based Bluetooth mouse. They ended up creating a mouse that maps rotational movements to x/y motion. From the video movement, it strikes us as responding the same way that touch pointer mice do. You can hit the demo video after the break or get more details from the project page. Even if you’re not into the mouse idea, you can probably learn something from their Bluetooth implementation.

6 thoughts on “Accelerometer Mouse From Scratch

  1. I did something simular with my group, just without the bluetooth, but with an oldschool serial interface instead. (mouse-control using a wobble board) This was on the 1. semester.

    So they did it with a bluetooth interface instead?
    Not very impressive for a final project IMO.

  2. based on the video this thing doesn’t have very high resolution. To do the same thing in a pen would require an accelerometer with a much higher sensitivity, and greater cost of course.

  3. Hey guys,

    I think resolution is ok but it should be combined with gyroscope to get gaming application like wii-mote…

    There it could have mass production…with MEMS technology we shd find soon such products..

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