Botnet Attack Via P2P Software

P2P networks have long been a legal gray area, used for various spam schemes, illegal filesharing, and lots and lots of adware. Last year, though, the first botnet created by a worm distributed via P2P software surfaced, the work of 19-year-old [Jason Michael Milmont] of Cheyenne, Wyoming, who distributed his Nugache Worm by offering free downloads of the P2P app Limewire with the worm embedded. He later began distributing it using bogus MySpace and Photobucket links shared via chats on AOL Instant Messenger. The strategy proved effective, as the botnet peaked with around 15,000 bots. [Milmont] has plead guilty to the charges against him. Per his plea agreement, he will pay $73,000 in restitution and may serve up to five years in prison.

7 thoughts on “Botnet Attack Via P2P Software

  1. Not a hack.

    (ok, hacking jokes notwithstanding, stop posting this crap. it’s a virus distributed over downloads of limewire, not even over p2p networks. a few more of these posts a day and i won’t even be reading this blog anymore.)

  2. hey, i have a hack. automatically confirms your comments for you, so write a script to query what domain they’re using so you never have to click those annoying confirm links again!

    i should become a spammer.

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