Annoy Your Friends With High Pitched Noise

[Hungry_Myst] has put together this fantastic device to annoy your friends. It randomly emits high pitched sounds, then stops for a while to make it very hard to locate. He has added an extra level of annoyance by putting the noise in vicinity of 17KHz thus making it almost undetectable by people over the age of 30. The fact that not everyone in the room can hear it makes people go even crazier trying to find it.

The parts list is fairly short, and the directions concise. One thing that is fantastic about this article is that he encourages people to improve it. That alone is not a huge deal, but he mentions in several areas specific additions that would make it more user friendly: on/off, pitch control, and delay control.

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32 thoughts on “Annoy Your Friends With High Pitched Noise

  1. Normally I get all worked up about people griping about posts in the comment section, but today I’m going to be a hypocrite. Kits like this have been available from all kinds of vendors for many years. In fact, I put one together from chaney’s in school.

  2. why not a couple of 555 timers one to set the output frequency (cake) and one to set the duration? probably a higher parts count, but no fiddly programming.
    of course, some might say that tuning 2 555 multivibrators is more of a pain, but I think of it as more fun.


  3. The only thing that would make this better is if it were mobile so it could hide itself some where new after each time it goes off. Oh and maybe encasing it in some sort of shock-o-matic housing so that when somebody does find it and picks it up it would zap the crap out of em. Hey if your looking to annoy people, especially teenagers I say go the distance.

  4. I built one of these that was similar, not as high pitched, but it had a photo-diode, and every time you turned out the lights it would start making noise, then when you turned them back on it would stop making noise… :)

  5. Hahahahahaha I made something similar in 8th grade. I don’t think it was quite 17khz (probably somewhere between that and 16khz) because my forty something year old dad was able to hear it. I made it in 8th grade and hid it behind the blinds of one of the windows in the class room. Two of the other students finally found it.

  6. I made a device years ago that emitted a continuously high pitched loud signal called “Pandora’s Box”. It was always associated with other phreaking boxes, but had nothing to do with phones?! The signal freq was adjustable… the idea was you set it below what was audible, and it would cause headaches to people in the room. It was quite annoying.

  7. what the hell is this crap? this is a hack? try doing something constructive–or, if destructive, at least put some damn ingenuity into it

    this is pathetic. might as well start showcasing “how to h4x your friends aol” cause thats just about as mature and just about as much of a “hack”


  8. Heyyyyyy Tippy Turtle! Tippy did it the easy way in the ’80s by pulling the sound unit out of an electronic birthday card. It’s difficult to pinpoint because it’s placed out of line-of-sight, so the sound has to spread, and the square-wave electronic notes have a lot of high-frequency harmonics, so your ears can’t lock onto the direction because you can’t resolve the phase differences, a prime component of stereo/directional hearing.

  9. I’ve seen a million retail variations of these, and I’ve made a few myself. Best one was a real zippy sounding circuit cannibalized from a remote control locater. I hid it inside a frosted light bulb. It triggered when light dropped below a threshold, night with lights off. I wanted to make it charge parasitically off the mains when the lights were on, but none of the components would fit past the neck of the glass. Given as a gift to my buddy Carlos to thwart his roommates that never do basic household maintainance, such as changing light bulbs.

  10. 16 years ago ive put 555 at 3kHz and piezo behind the whiteboard in the classroom and decided to sit in the back of the room that time.
    always after 15 minutes the teacher went out with headache and we were… free!

  11. Anyone out there know where to find a stronger device that could be aimed at a neighbor’s house across the street who has horrible parties all the time? It might just curb the urge to party quite so hard. If anyone knows where I could buy such a device, I would appreciate the info. Thanks!

      This is called a yard guard. I have one and it annoys the hell out of my idiot neighbour. Its adjustable freq and you can run on batteries or ac. u can have it set for motion trigger or constantly on. My neighbour let his dog crap in our yard all the time and didn’t pick it up so I used this to thward his dog. It didn’t work on the dog cause I found out it’s 1/2 deaf but man does it drive him, his wife and kids batty. He had a nervous breakdown meltdown yelling at me. I just stood there straighfaced then when he was done i smiled and went in my house. I put it up every spring now. In the winter I use it to keep mice out of my bbq. Multi use woooo.

  12. Okay, I have a question and by the looks of all these posts, everyone on here, except myself, knows the answer. I AM technically challenged so please be basic with your answers as I will try to understand without many more questions. Here is my situation and why I came to this site searching for answers.

    I have a horrible neighbor and we’ve had our words on many occasions over loud music. I think she has discovered a LOW BUDGET way to get even with me and I need your help in figuring out what she is doing.

    She leaves her house in 30 minute intervals (she does not have a real job), so I assume her devise must be either reset every 30 minutes or maybe she can’t stand experiencing it herself. I DO NOT live in an apartment but in a neighborhood where the WOOD FRAME homes are in VERY close proximity to each other (less than 50 feet). Moments before she drives away, my ears start ringing which reminds me of how I feel the day after going to a really loud concert the night before. After a few minutes, my ears will pop with pressure as if I am in an airplane or I can feel/hear a pulsating pressure that does not diminish with ear plugs. Although this may sound really off base, I seem to feel real gittery as if my nervous system is being effected and an increase in my heartrate. If it goes on long enough, I can also feel a tingling feeling throughout my body and a cold chill sensation up my spine. All these sensations intensify almost as if the volume is being increased the longer it goes.

    It must be something that is being pointed or directed to my house in some fashion since I physically DO NOT hear any audible sound even if I walk outdoors to try and determine what I am feeling.

    It is like the sound/pressure is a sound that is only audible to my inner ear and can’t be heard the traditional way.

    Please, please help me. What is the devise or creation she is using? BTW, she is no technical genius herself yet she does have a boyfriend that is the handyman type, so I guess he could build something on this order.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated .

    1. yes that all resonates with me, except the girl next door. The high pitched constant ringing sound in my house is amplified when the night tariff kicks in from 10-7 every night, Hey! no smart meter here!!!!!!!!Is there maybe some Government conspiracy we haven,t been told about or is F!@#%g sound causing some long term serious mental disturbances
      Ring me,
      Present resonance

    1. Hey, did you ever get a response or find out what was causing it? My partners going through exactly the same thing and cannot do anything about it as he can’t evidence any of this as only he can hear this sound. Everything you described is everything he’s experiencing and any help or insight you can offer would be greatly appreciated!

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  14. Yeah well I can promise when I find the one in my room or tie it. To someone me,,, I promise they are getting beat… This this is like sticking your head’s I’m a microwave over to. E but apparently y’all already did that

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