Boxee Available For Ubuntu

The Boxee blog has recently announced that they have finally released a Linux version. So far, only Ubuntu 7.10 through 8.04 support is available. We covered Boxee when they released their alpha version a few months ago. One of the unique things we found about it was the added social layer that allows the user to share their viewing and listening information on various social networking sites.

This XBMC based media streamer has won a lot of praise lately and we are excited to finally see it step into the Linux platform. Up until now, Boxee was strictly run on OSX 10.5 and thus bound to Apple’s hardware configurations. Once they get a stable version running, it will be extremely easy for anyone to build a media streamer from an old PC with various hardware configurations.

8 thoughts on “Boxee Available For Ubuntu

  1. yeah, what a great idea, they could even make a category that has the daily hacks in, so it’s just like the old site… they could just call it “daily” or something.

  2. Seems cool ! I would love to try this on my Media Center PC at home running Ubuntu 8.04. Too bad you have to sign up to a waiting list just to be a user ! I signed up today, lets see how long it takes to get an invite. :)

  3. oh look surprise surprise. miked got so bored with his little faggotassed hackaday clone he had to come back and troll here.
    so much for his big “i’ll make a bigger and better site so i don’t have to come here” boast.

    future potential for making use of old pc clunkers? i call that hackworthy news.

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