Digital Wall Harp

[Alison Lewis] has posted this fantastic digital wall harp project at My Home 2.0. They built an infrared MIDI instrument into a wall, using a MidiTron and some IR sensors. It all connects to a computer running a MIDI sequencer via a MIDI to USB converter. The project was built for a family home. They wanted something musical that they could play as easily as waiving their hand. They got it! Simply run your hand under the sensors and play some music!

[via Instructables]

2 thoughts on “Digital Wall Harp

  1. Remember the movie BIG with Tom Hanks…

    Can somebody say over kill.. Don’t get me wrong a tracheotomy is very impressive but not for a marble stuck up the nose. Just kidding.. a good use of technology but an over kill for appliance and application….. in a nut shell.. neat

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