Hack Guitar Hero DS Into A Guitar Controller

[Eric Ruckman] sent us this awesome Guitar Hero hack. He wanted to get a more “true to the series” game play out of his DS when playing Guitar Hero: On Tour. If you’ve seen the adapter that comes with it, you’ll understand his desires. He found a wireless PS2 Guitar Hero controller on EBay to hack.

He’s cut a hole in the controller and removed all the guts. In the picture above the DS fits in the hole to allow strumming in the correct position. The controller buttons are connected to the DS by wiring into the adapter. He’s added an FM transmitter to the controller so he can play the sound through his home sound system.

[Eric] Really put some care into this. You can see that he wanted this to be something he could actually use and show off. The integration of the FM transmitter into the unit was very well done. The transmitter is controlled through the controller’s start and select buttons and powered from the controller’s battery compartment. He mounted the transmitter’s display into the controller as well.

This modification fits nicely in the Guitar Hero hacking tradition. We’ve seen several before like the real guitar controller and the home made wireless one. Don’t forget the touch screen and better switches mods. Of coarse, for many of us hacking it is actually more fun that playing it so we’ll leave the rocking out to deep note.

11 thoughts on “Hack Guitar Hero DS Into A Guitar Controller

  1. Seems like it’s very hard to see the screen and play at the same time. I don’t know about this guy, but I don’t make a habit of completely memorizing the patterns by sound alone…

  2. If I had a DS, I might consider picking up GH:OT and modding one of my wireless PS2 GH controllers.

    I really like the integration of the FM transmitter; it keeps the whole device completely wireless. Well done.

  3. This is amazing, its something to relate to when playing the GH series. GH makers should do this. But to really put it in a spotlight, try it on a full size guitar, and I mean a proper one. Then if someone could make GH WT for the DS, it could be the next gen guitar.

    I love it!! Defenatly 10 out of ten!

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