Coyote-1 Guitar Pedal Available Now

OpenStomp’s Coyote-1 is now available for $349. The guitar effects pedal lets users design and upload their own effects to the device. It has two stomp switches with LEDs, an LCD display, and four user assignable knobs. The back has 1/4″ in/out and one selectable 1/4″. It also features NTSC composite out, a headphone jack, mini-USB for uploading, and an RJ11 I2C bus for expansion. The processor is a Parallax Propeller Chip. While the OS on the pedal is open source, the hardware design and effect design software are not. You can check out the source and product manual on their forum. If you’re more interested in breadboarding hardware, you might like the Beavis Board we covered earlier.

[via Create Digital Music]

3 thoughts on “Coyote-1 Guitar Pedal Available Now

  1. This is similar to Line 6’s upcoming ToneCore DSP SDK, currently priced at $200 (preorder). The ToneCore uses a Freescale DSP; not sure how it compares to the Parllax.

    I like ToneCore because of the modular design, but the Coyote is already available (and open-source). I might buy one of these now.

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