16 thoughts on “Buy A Camera On EBay, Get Spy Pics

  1. Umm… WTF! They lose everything from bank account details to welfare details in this country (all on unsecured pen drives!!!), the minute some pictures of the MI5 building are leaked, all this comotion…

    Anyhow that will teach them to store pictures on the camera, instead of a memory card in the camera.

    Maybe Nomadiq has a point.

  2. This reminds me of the story a while ago about how in Iraq in the markets they have thumb drives that have classified information on them, and they were actually really cheap for the memory size.

  3. The Reuters website says it was the Sun newspaper in the UK that reported it. Basically tabloid scum liars, kind of like the US National Enquirer.
    Not to be believed at all.
    What with the recent spate of slightly better reported confidential information losses in the UK, the Sun undoubtedly cooked it up because its supposedly hot news.

  4. …Oh and anybody can casually snap a photo of the MI6 offices, provided maybe you dont stand there with an SLR and tripod snapping tens of pictures. That picture of the building cannot be used as evidence that this whole ruccus actually happened.

  5. Hey guys, just letting you know that this is a public picture. Was in England a few years ago, you could see this headquarters just as it is here… as bright as day.

    It’s not some top secret photograph.

    Although it was cool in The World is Not Enough.


  6. A few years ago i picked up sony memory for my camera.. the dude who sold it forgot to check if it was empty! turns out he left a few pics of his vegas trip… of the few, 2 had full body shots of his asian girlfriend, pretty hot too!

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