Wearable Project Inspiration

Yesterday, Gizmodo published a roundup of wearable gadgets for people who “don’t mind looking like a tool”. It’s interesting to see what has been deemed commercially viable and put into mass production. The list covers HMDs, embedded WiFi detectors, integrated keyboards, tech jackets, speaker hats, and others. We thought you might find some inspiration from the list for your next project. In the past, we embedded a WiFi detector in a backpack strap for our Engadget how-to. The natural choice for wearable projects is the LilyPad Arduino which was featured most recently in the turn signal jacket.

[photo: cksthree]

3 thoughts on “Wearable Project Inspiration

  1. Looking like a Tool? Is that similar to looking like a low-rent Borg?

    Sign me up, I already wear glasses just to go from 20/35 to 20/15 :).

    I just wish that at minimum 1024×768 was available, even if just on one eye, and I would need to learn to use a half-moon keyboard.

    Cool, I will check out these though.

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