PSP 3000 hacked

Peripheral manufacturer Datel has been hard at work attempting to crack the PSP 3000 since its release. They’ve developed the Lite Blue Tool battery to force the PSP into service mode so hackers can run any arbitrary code they want. According to MaxConsole, Datel performed a silicon level investigation of the PSP’s chips to determine how to break into service mode. This means they decapsulated the the chips and reverse engineered any cryptographic protections. We’d love to hear exactly what chips were being used since some are fundamentally flawed.

Silicon hacking has always been a favorite topic of ours and we suggest you check out [Chris Tarnovsky]’s decapsulation technique to learn more about it.

63 thoughts on “PSP 3000 hacked

  1. Alright guys, you probably already know this but you can now run homebrew on your 3000’s/TA-88V3s with Davee’s chick-HEN R2 tiff exploit and now you can have full custom firmware by using the chick-HEN to install GEN-A 5.03 custom firmware (with iso support!!) on your 3000s. so the wait is over its done

    p.s. it flashes CFW to the system ram, so you have to reinstall in if you turn the psp completely off.

  2. i dnt lyk spnd so mch bucks on a sngl umd. i knw a guy who chrge $40 a hack, mkes it run only on chckn mode.goddamnd man who lyk 2 spnd so mch bucks 4 a filthy umd. we need 2 use our brain. may be you have lots of that , share your brains and let psp 3000 show its true homebrew colors

  3. It will happen but time is required to accomplish this, or maybe its done?, wait no! but it will happen because i have seen this happen before and its always that day where they post on the web “we finally hacked psp 3000 TA088V3/TA090V2(V3?)” AND YOUTUBE WILL BE FILLED WITH VIDS ON “HOW TO” AND QJ AND,AND… Dark_Alex can take his time its his choice to do this. Heck why dont you try and hack this new motherboard and make it all easier for all of us and make our psp’s 3000 shine with free apps and emulators and $h!T im not saying you will though. But you might become the next ALEX or whatever your called. Now that the pspGO is coming out on October 1 like they said on E3 it pisses me off that they used to hate the fact that you could run ISO/CSO withought an UMD, and now they give you 16 gb OR MORE to do so!? WTF with a price of course because if sony isn’t getting any THERE WONT BE ANY if you read this you are one step closer to hacking your psp 3000 TA088V3/TA090V2(V3?).
    Va a pasar pero el tiempo es necesario para lograrlo, o tal vez ya esta hecho?, No espere! pero va a suceder porque he visto esto ocurrir antes y siempre el día en que se publica en la web “finalmente hackeado psp 3000 TA088V3/TA090V2 (V3?)” y YouTube se llenará de videos “como hackear psp 3000 TA088V3/TA090V2(V3?)” Y QJ Y, Y … Dark_Alex y los hackers que pueden tomar su tiempo es su derecho el hacerlo o el no hacerlo. por qué voz no intentar y piratear esta nueva placa y hacer todo más fácil para todos nosotros y hacer de nuestra psp 3000 brillar y llenarla aplicaciones y emuladores y mas sin tener que asumir las consecuencias. Pero tal vez usted podría convertirse en el próximo ALEX o el que sea su nombre. Ahora que la pspGO sale el 1 de octubre como se dijo en la E3. la sony para odiar el hecho de que puede ejecutar la norma ISO / CSO sin una UMD, y ahora te dan 16 GB o más para hacerlo! ? WTF con un precio, por supuesto, porque si la sony no está recibiendo ningún credito por esto no habra nada para piratear. Si usted lee esto esta un paso más cerca de poder hackear su psp 3000 TA088V3/TA090V2 (V3?).

  4. (Short Version)
    1-It will happen but time is needed
    2-Hackers have to face with what you people dont so give them time be patient.
    3-(oct 1 2009 as said on E3)PSP GO sucks hard! (of course that’s my opinion)
    4-Try learning and stop depending.
    5-Im not saying its not true but if people like “reptar” say they did hack their psp then good for you… wheres the proof?

  5. The psp 3000 has custom firmware now(GEN-A FULL)
    That supports homebrew games and iso/cso games.
    ChickHenR2+Custom Firmware Enabler= Superneetodoritoburito custom firmware on the psp 3000.

    If you don’t believe me, go search on google and type in pspslimhacks to see for yourself.

  6. i buy this psp 3000 5.50 and i am very disapointed coz it can,t run cfw and Hen, the tech said the only thing is to w8 for the release of the cfw for my brandnew psp. i hope u guys can help us, long live hackers u r gifted.

  7. the techsupport said the version 5.03 of psp 3000 is dissolve and the sony is releasing new original version of their products, like v5.50, the sony really suck…. the advantage of 5.50 is the flashplayer the store geek said (datablitz,at,MallofAsiaPhilippines)he said it can play download games thru PSN that coz too much. pifff…..

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