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Here are a couple small programs to help you make the most of your Playstation 3 Sixaxis controllers. [netkas] heard that quite a few people were having trouble using the Sixaxis controller in Windows Vista. He solved it for himself and uploaded an exe for you to use. He then did essentially the same thing for OSX. This should make your PC gaming feel at least a little more familiar.

[photo: Kominyetska]

17 thoughts on “Sixaxis In OSX And Vista

  1. I think the Vista driver has been around for a while… I was using it to play PS1 games on my laptop last summer. Unless this one’s different, although that one worked perfectly. Very helpful though.

  2. Well I tried this but it did not work for me, upon installing the driver and rebooting I found that my USB ports no longer worked. I had to use a old style plug mouse adapter to get around this and uninstall the driver.

  3. I install libusb-win32-filter-bin- reboot and it blue screens during loading and continues to till I use last known good configuration.

    I did put it in compatibility mode.

    Any ideas? I’m in Vista x64 Ultimate?

  4. This has been around for a while. Dunno about the OSX version, as I’ve never looked but the win version definitelly has

    You can connect it6 via bluetooth as well using someone elses driver. Just google BTSix for the method and go here to DL the latest version
    or for the latest betas. Admitedly it’s not nearly as simple and it renders your bluetooth adapter useless for anything other than for the Sixaxis/DS3 (until you reinstall proper drivers) but it does alow wireless play and support for motion sensing (I seem to recal the gyro (horizontal axes) doesn’t function properly but the accelerometers work fine)

  5. way too many hoops to jump through -and for no wireless?

    spare me.

    just get a decent bt driver for windows out there already and cut the crap, sony.

    These patched together makeshift solutions are bs.

  6. WHen I can plug a wii controller or 360 controller in and have the latter work natively… just like a console; no muss no fuss- it makes it a hard point to argue that it’s worth it.

    COnsidering the basic shape is from way back when ergonomicsdidn’t matter.

    Basically, my hands grew out of Sony. Fond memories… but they won’t continue. I hate to hand it to them, but Microsoft has made one of the most solid common controllers in history along the lines of comfort. And if you’re looking for something fresh,t here’s always nintendo. I just don’t see why I would want to go back to such an uncomfortable old controller style, sixaxis or no.

  7. the btsix bluetooth driver application is way sweeter it requires more hoop jumping and afik is not available for vista64. but if that aint your issue its so worth it.

    googly it. you will be glad you did

  8. @coderer: I agree. The PS3/PS2 controller shape is more comfortable for me, especially when a D-pad is needed.

    I still like the 360 controller for anything that doesn’t require a D-pad, though PS3 sorta wins for me. Slightly.

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