Tesla Coil Guitar Amp


You’ve probably seen musical Tesla coils already. People have wired them up to computers and keyboards to make them serve as dangerous and awesome speakers. This video popped up of someone playing his guitar through one. It is rough, and not very good at polyphony, but still cool. We would like to see several coils, split by different filters to be able to hear more of the guitar chords. If only someone had rigged these up for Queen when Flash Gordan was made.

18 thoughts on “Tesla Coil Guitar Amp

  1. There *are* solid state tesla coils or dual-resonant solid state tesla coils that can produce much better audio quality. People have also made multi-coil systems driven via MIDI, with some of the largest being used at places like Penguicon (Search Penguicon tesla coil via youtube).

    There are alot of SSTC/DRSSTC projects documented at http://4hv.org, and it isn’t as hard as it seems to build a very rough sounding one.

  2. I’ve seen one of these before, although it was accompanied with a tutorial. I was wanting to build one for my bass guitar over winter break, since IMHO it would probably sound better with a bass.

  3. I was thinking I could insulate a hard line to my pc and then take out everyone’s wireless in the dormitories.

    Two wings, six floors- if I was the only one using the connection… it would be damn fast…

  4. Im gonna have to make one of these, hopefully I can find all the parts and schematics… Just imagine jammin some Cannibal Corpse on this thing!!! You couldnt fuck with that shit!!!

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