Debian On The G1 Once Again


[ghostwalker] dropped in on our previous Debian Android post to let us know that he had streamlined the install process. The first time around, it quickly became difficult to complete the process because firmware updates had taken away root access. Hackers have since figured out how to downgrade from RC30 and install BusyBox. All you need to do to put Debian on your phone is download the package from [ghostwalker] and then run the installer script. This isn’t technically a port since Debian already has ARM EABI support. What would you run on your phone if you had access to the entire Debian package tree? A video of Debian starting up is embedded below.


[photo: tnkgrl]

7 thoughts on “Debian On The G1 Once Again

  1. Xastir would be great.

    GPS + Net access allowing APRS-IS access = single device APRS tracker. Yes, it needs internet access to make it happen, but the next step would be to pair it with a Bluetooth serial adaptor to connect to a TNC/HT combo.

  2. so far, what scrolls on the screen could be terminal output on the screen, the packages that start to unpack are architecture neutral, and before it starts scrolling packages that show architecture [arm, armeb, i386, etc], the video cuts out.


    currently burning my bandwidth downloading and examining the installer.

  3. all this does is run a copy of debian out of a loopback filesystem, chroot into it, and launch bash. it’s not “installed on the android”. it’s running out of a jail at best.

    a half-step, kinda. it’s not running native, so this doesn’t count in my book.

    the boot text is hilarious…this is an excerpt of the script:

    echo “Custom Linux Pseudo Bootstrapper V1.0 – by Mark Walker”
    echo “WEB:
    echo “EML:
    echo ” ”
    sleep 1
    echo “Starting init process”
    sleep 1
    echo “INIT: Debian booting…..”
    sleep 1
    echo “Running Linux Kernel”
    sysctl -w net.ipv4.ip_forward=1
    sleep 1
    echo “AutoMounter started”
    sleep 1
    echo “Type EXIT to end session”
    echo “Make sure you do a proper EXIT for a clean kill of Debian!”
    echo ” ”

    chroot $mnt /bin/bash

    …yeah, okay. c’mon now…

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