Meggy Serial Cable


We thought the Meggy had some serious potential. The open serial port is ripe for the plucking, but has thus far been fairly unused. Here’s directions on how to make your own serial cable capable of connecting two Meggies. Basically, it is just modifying an audio cable, used to connect CDROMs to the motherboard. The cool thing about this is that the resulting crossover cable should work on any Arduino that is programmed via an FTDI cable.

6 thoughts on “Meggy Serial Cable

  1. On the one hand, it’s a good tutorial, complete with photos. On the other hand, it’s just a simple crossover cable! Do we even need photos for this, much less a full tutorial? It seems that the diagram alone is sufficient…

  2. Screw the diagram, I can see from the picture that they switched the red and black wire on one end.

    I use a small screwdriver or paperclip to pry back the retention clip, slide out the wires, clip them back in place and go.

  3. ah… the days of hacking doom 2 with 100,000 shots for everything and rapid-fire everything and then playing one on one against a friend and owning them at every turn by just spinning and firing the double barrel shotgun (1.5-2 seconds to kill a cyber demon with that setup). ah… the good old days. :-p

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