Wearable Projector Adds Info To Everyday Activities


[Pattie Maes] from MIT’s Media Lab showed a really interesting augmented reality demo at TED this year. It’s a wearable projector that lets you interact with any surface. A camera tracks the gestures your fingertips make and performs related actions. She shows several uses: projecting a dial pad on your hand, displaying additional info on a product you’re holding, and taking a picture when you form a frame with your hands. The current equipment cost is $350, but that would be reduced in a dedicated device.

[via Waxy]

14 thoughts on “Wearable Projector Adds Info To Everyday Activities

  1. I think it’s a great idea and it can really work for us. The main reason is low-cost.

    For example,look at Microsoft Future video, you see everything is multi-touch and interactive. I don’t think it’ll be like that soon because it’ll cost too much. It’s better to make a device that interact with all objects other than making all objects that interact with others.

    World came to point that you don’t have to make something from scratch, just mix one thing with another and you have something innovative, just like this project.

  2. HOLY $HIT!!!!!!!!!!

    I wonder if I can apply to be a beta-tester. That is just like OMG WOW! I’d be happy with one stuck to my roof above the desk, but if they can make it small enough to be wearable… well, in short OMG!

  3. @marco
    they were…. sort of.
    they were real in the sense that they were not enhanced after the fact. however, they were more than likely created specifically to display the possibilities.
    either way, it’s possible and @#$%ing amazing

    like everyone else, i want one

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