Wii Nunchuck And Classic USB Mod


[kero905] sent in this project he’s working on. It is an open source hardware converter to connect Wii controllers via USB. It uses an Arduino for its brains. It is still in development, the only controllers that work are the nunchuck and the classic. He notes that there are enough extra pins left to adapt to an arcade controller fairly easily. The code is available on the site, as well as a rough parts list.

8 thoughts on “Wii Nunchuck And Classic USB Mod

  1. rasz, thanks for the feedback. I am using the same firmware-only USB code as project in the link you provided.

    Does one really need a arduino/protoshield? No. People can just splice connectors as well. Theres lots of places to save money. The expensive hardware I am using is for prototyping ease. You only need an Atmega168, crystal, some diodes, resistors and capacitors.

    From mouser: Atmega8 = $3.66, atmega168 = $4.08, not much of a difference. If you try, you can get the code under 8k (its slighty over 8k atm) to put on a ATmega88 which is slightly cheaper.

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