Wii Nunchuck And Classic USB Mod

[kero905] sent in this project he’s working on. It is an open source hardware converter to connect Wii controllers via USB. It uses an Arduino for its brains. It is still in development, the only controllers that work are the nunchuck and the classic. He notes that there are enough extra pins left to adapt to an arcade controller fairly easily. The code is available on the site, as well as a rough parts list.

Hacking The MagSafe

This is a simple hack that could come in handy one day. [Mooner] wanted to use a Kensington universal power supply with his Macbook Pro, but found the adapters and peripherals involved “hideous”. His solution was to wire directly to the Kensington power supply. It’s pretty simple really, only a couple resistors are needed. It’s nice to have someone else do the research for you sometimes. While his final picture does look neat and tidy, we just don’t know how much of an improvement he’s made to the aesthetics. What do you think?

GPS Cradle Upgrade To Bluetooth


[emuboy] sent in this neat hack where he converted a GPS dock to bluetooth (google translated). He has an ipaq rz1710 and a Kirrio GPS cradle. Apparently there were annoying problems when inserting the ipaq into the cradle. He decided that he would much rather just connect via Bluetooth. After tearing apart the cradle, he found the documentation for the GPS chip online. He ordered a bluesmirf bluetooth modem and got to work. The end result is something that could be concealed in his car and just connected to when he gets close enough.